Heat wave, possibility of severe storms for CQ

CAPRICORNIA residents can expect to swelter over the next few days as a heat wave impacts the region.

Bureau of Meteorology Rockhampton observer Paul Wilson said the heat, combined with instability in the atmosphere due to a number of trough systems in the district, could also see severe storms throughout Capricornia.

Mr Wilson said thunderstorms and showers were already forecast for the next few days.

"For Rockhampton we've got hot conditions today with a possible storm on the forecast, we're going for a top of 38,” Mr Wilson said;.

"Tomorrow, 38 with a shower or two with overnight temperatures getting down to about 23 degrees. On Saturday we'll have a shower or two with a possible thunderstorm and a top of 35.

"On Sunday, a shower or two, 34 degrees and an overnight temperature of 22. On Monday we are looking at possible showers, 34 degrees and then conditions are starting to improve temperature wise from Tuesday and Wednesday with tops of 31 and 32.”

Mr Wilson said Saturday and Sunday were the most likely days for showers and storms.

"By Saturday and Sunday we have a high chance of showers for the Capricornia district, on Saturday most likely in the afternoon and evening, as well as the chance of a thunderstorm, light winds,” he said.

"As far as rainfall totals go we are probably looking anywhere between 1-5mm on Saturday but we could see that get a little bit higher depending on these isolated falls. You might see falls up around 10-15mm locally.

"Again on Sunday there is a bit of shower activity about and we still have the chance of a thunderstorm for parts of the Capricornia region.

He said the storms could become nasty if temperatures continue to rise.

"If temperatures get up high enough there's a level of instability there that could pose the Bureau to issue severe thunderstorm warnings over the next few days so that's something to keep an eye on,” Mr Wilson said.

"We've got a number of trough systems moving through eastern and central parts of Queensland and that's fairly typical of this time of year.

"That generally creates a level of instability in the atmosphere and when you get that instability, combined with warm temperatures you can find cumulus clouds start to develop and those are the sorts of clouds that provide us with shower and storm activity.

"I think the heat that we are seeing now is mainly because we have had a number of days of northerly winds and now we are looking at a bit of a westerly component with those winds.

”Once you start getting those winds from the north west you're starting to get that hot air from inland Australia and that's the reason for those increasing temperatures."

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