Stockland Rockhampton Shopping Centre.
Stockland Rockhampton Shopping Centre. MEGAN LEWIS Ml

Heavy rain puts roof to the test

NOT even a price tag of $93 million has saved the new Stockland Rockhampton development from a leaky roof.

After two weeks of the heaviest rain Rockhampton has seen in months, some retailers were left counting the cost of stock damage caused by leaks in the ceilings of a number of new and refurbished stores.

Yesterday, as showers continued in the area, at least half a dozen plastic bins were still scattered around the new part of centre, catching water dripping from the roof.

Last week, a number of retailers used buckets and cardboard to soak up water left on the floors of their shops.

One fashion store manager reported thousands of dollars worth of damage.

In another store last week, water was coming out of a downlight fixture in the ceiling.

Stockland Rockhampton management admitted the centre had “experienced some minor leaks”, saying it was the centre’s first test of heavy rain since opening.

“Some tenancies were affected by these, though no trade was lost,” a spokesman said.

Stockland Rockhampton said the cause of the leaks had been investigated, and they were generally caused by problems with sealing around mechanical penetrations in the roof area.

JM Kelly Projects, which constructed the redevelopment, yesterday said it was not uncommon to find small leaks in new buildings.

Manager John Murphy said while there had been slight teething problems, most had already been fixed.

“At the completion of the project we conducted water-testing on the building, but obviously it’s difficult to imitate particular weather patterns,” he said.

He said most repairs had been completed yesterday.

With the first weekend of Sunday trading in the city to being at the end of the month, Stockland Rockhampton said the centre remained a convenient, safe and enjoyable shopping experience for the local community.

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