Heavy rain, storms threaten after 36mm overnight drenching

BREAKING: Heavy rain was expected to fall across the Sunshine Coast throughout today with totals likely to exceed 40mm in areas that have already received more than 36mm overnight.

Further heavy falls were expected on Thursday before easing on Friday and Saturday ahead of another upper level system which also had the potential to bring more rain into the new week.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Vinord Annand said the Pine Rivers catchment to our south and the Maroochy River catchment had both seen thunderstorms dump significant falls to 36mm already with further rain on the way.

The weather was being driven by an upper level low south west of Emerald which was moving slowly towards the south east coast and was expected to be out over the ocean by Friday. At the same time a trough in the Coral Sea was feeding in a deep layer of moisture laden air which was being lifted up into the atmosphere generating heavy falls.

"There is a good set up for heavy rain if you are in the right place," Mr Annand said.

On the Central Queensland coast south of Mackay falls of up to 50mm were recorded in just two hours this morning.

Mr Annand said falls of 20-40mm were forecast for Maroochydore today but could be higher given some areas had already received 36mm.

He said by Friday the upper level low would move out over the ocean resulting in light falls through Saturday.

However another trough would move into the region from the south west by Sunday and would linger until at least Monday bringing more rain.

Mr Annand said if the system's eastward track slowed falls could be expected well into next week.

Expect falls to 40mm or greater today with the chance of a thunderstorm on a day the temperature would peak at 26 degrees and winds would remain light throughout.

Thursday would also have a 26 degree peak with light winds and 90% chance of rain with falls to 15mm becoming heavy at times and with the chance of thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon.

The daytime temperature would rise to 27 degrees on Friday with light winds early becoming easterly at 15-25 km/h.

Saturday's temperature was expected to peak at 28 degrees on a day where light winds early would develop from the north east at 2--25 km/h. There's only a 50% chance and the chance of an afternoon thunder storm.

Sunday was heading for a 29 degree maximum temperature with the chance of rain increased to 80% with falls to 10mm at this stage but could potentially be much higher with the chance of thunder storms.

Winds from the north east would range in strength from 15-25 km/h.

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