James Michael Glenn Corbett, 21.
James Michael Glenn Corbett, 21. Contributed

Held in jail 7 months too long over assaulting two men

A MAN who assaulted two men causing them both bodily harm has spent more time in pre-sentence custody than he should have.

James Michael Glenn Corbett, 21, pleaded guilty on October 4 in Rockhampton District Court to three counts of common assault, one of assault occasioning bodily harm, one of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed, wilful damage, enter dwelling and commit indictable offence, three breaches of bail, breach of a probation order, and a community service breach.

Corbett, who received a head sentence of 22-months prison, had spent 458 days (about 15 months) in pre-sentence custody. He was released immediately on parole.

The court heard if Corbett had been sentenced earlier, he would have received a two-year prison term and parole after eight months.

The crown prosecutor did hand up alternative charges ahead of sentencing but the original charges were not read out in court.

Crown prosecutor Matthew Fleetwood said Corbett and a co-offender dragged a male victim inside Corbett's unit and assaulted him after he tried to leave on March 14, 2017.

The court heard while the victim was cornered, Corbett reached through the co-offender's legs and grabbed the victim's groin.

The victim managed to escape to the bedroom, locking himself in the room, before Corbett kicked the door in.

The victim escaped outside when he asked Corbett to help extinguish a fire. Corbett used a piece of timber to stop the victim from dousing the fire.

When the victim asked him to help him clean up the unit and turn the music down, Corbett chased him with a fence paling, striking him in the face.

Corbett also threw the victim's mobile phone into the fire.

"It's obvious the victim was traumatised by these events," Judge Michael Burnett said.

Six weeks later, Corbett assaulted another male he was drinking with after getting into an argument. This victim was knocked unconscious.

Corbett was on a probation order and a suspended sentence at the time of these offences.

"These attacks were upon people that you knew, people that were near neighbours, people who would not expect a violent disposition," Judge Burnett said.

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