When surgery makes you ask what happened to the bride

IT HAS been a while since I have had much interest in television.

With all my favourite shows on hiatus, and in between my own holidays, moving house and getting the kids back to school there honestly hasn't been either the time nor inclination.

But news one of my old favourites was starting back this week had me heading straight for the TV guide. There it was… Monday 7.30am, series return of My Kitchen Rules. Happy dance.

I decided to glance through the rest of the guide to see what else was on offer.

Nothing grabbed my attention until I got to the 11.15pm timeslot: Botched Up Brides.

The blurb said surgeons meeting brides whose pre-wedding surgery had gone horribly wrong.

Pre-wedding surgery?

I have a few things on my pre-wedding list.

Finding a dress, shoes and table decorations are all on that list. So are a celebrant and caterer. Surgery sure isn't.

So of course I had to watch to see what I might be missing.

Of course everyone wants to look good on their wedding day.

No Caption
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So I can understand people doing a bit of pre-wedding work, like dieting and exercise.

Even a hair treatment or a facial I can understand.

I've never considered the need for a facial redesign though.

I was amazed to hear 30 percent of a plastic surgeons clients in the UK are soon-to-be brides. Boob jobs, liposuction, lip implants and eyebrow transplants seem as essential as finding the perfect dress.

For the "stars" of the Botched Up Brides show, these procedures went horribly wrong, leading to scarring, pain and disfigurement.

The flow-on effect for these brides meant their weddings were delayed, cancelled or even ending in divorce when they could not deal with the problems that arose.

Is it just me or has the focus of the day missed the point?

I thought the idea of a wedding was to start a marriage between two people who loved each other for who they are not what they look like. I know my Superman loves me for me.

I certainly won't be risking disfigurement before I walk down the aisle. I am already a little scarred after watching that show.

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