Here is the latest secret to looking and feeling younger

FORGET botox, wrinkle cream or face lifts... beauty therapy is out the window when it comes to looking and feeling younger.

Women can forget Botox or wrinkle cream, because the secret to eternal youth could be as simple as dating a younger guy - that's according to a new study from

The unique dating site, which is aimed at mature women seeking younger guys, profiled 2,307 of its Australian members to help it better understand why women are so attracted to 'cubs'.

89% of Cougars admitted that having a younger partner made them feel more youthful, while 68% claimed they felt more attractive on a day-to-day basis.

Mature women dating younger men were also found to be more young at heart than women who date men their own age or older: the average Cougar claimed a younger man turned back their clock by 10 years.

This youthful feeling could be down to the tendency for younger men to enjoy a more physical and energetic lifestyle - in and out of the bedroom. 

85% of women said their sex life had improved since dating a younger guy, while 65% said they'd got new hobbies, 55% said they ventured to pubs and nightclubs more often and 30% said their wider social circle had got more exciting. 

Marlo Jordan of CougarLife, and a proud cougar herself, said: "They say you're only as young as the guy you're dating - and that's very true for the women in this survey who have rightly recognised the many benefits that dating 'cubs' brings.

"From a more exciting social - and sex - life - to feeling great about yourself, dating a younger man can make you look and feel like a million dollars.

"Much cheaper and more enjoyable than beauty lotions or cosmetic surgery too!"

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