KIM Williams is here ... and he's ready to rattle the Capras cage.

The incoming 2016 Rockhampton Leagues Club Capras coach has arrived in Rockhampton and is making fast work of breathing new life into the Capras CQ Intrust Super Cup campaign.

The Capras have struggled through numerous disappointing seasons in the last few years and with the team having recorded only one win in the entire 2015 season, everyone is eager to see what Williams has to offer.

With an exceptional record for turning rugby league teams around, the pressure is certainly on for Williams to get the Capras back in the game.

But the former Mackay Cutters and Melbourne Storm Academy coach said he was ready for the challenge.

"I think my past record shows that the first year of being at most clubs I've achieved success," Williams said.

"I'm the type of guy who likes to take on challenges. I'd much rather go to a club where I can help them improve and help them develop and there's definitely the opportunity here to do that.

"When I signed with the Cutters, they'd finished ninth and 11th in the two previous seasons and we won a premiership in year one.

"I can't say I really saw that coming but you set your goals that high and strive to reach them.

"I'm very keen to rattle the cage."

Williams has certainly rattled the cage so far, having already culled former players and started to inject a wealth of youth, experience and talent into the squad.

"I think there's a need to have some immediate improvement here. With that in mind, recruitment is a priority at the moment," he said.

"There has been a lot of movement and we have recruited some quality players.

"It hasn't been a total cleanout. There is some quality in the squad that's here but we've had to make some tough decisions and certainly a number of players that were in the squad this year won't be there next year and that's a necessity.

"The immediate focus for me in regard to recruitment was the 'spine' - hooker, halves, fullback and lock.

"We need depth in the squad, that's always the key to success. You need to look long term and that's certainly my vision for the club."

Williams said he had already signed 26 players and was in talks with up to 10 more.

"Recruitment has been really positive. We are attracting some quality," Williams said.

"I believe we have the best halfback in the comp here in Matt Minto so he was definitely a major target and one of the first players we signed.

"I have signed about 17 players that were with the club this year. Ian Webster has been signed.

"There are nine that have been recruited from outside the club and there are still quite a few offers on the table."

Williams also confirmed he had signed Maipele Morse, Michael Ki, Bill Cullen and Liam Pickersgill.

"Maipele is a player who went to St Brendan's here so we can class him as a local. He came straight from the Torres Strait to St Brendan's," he said.

"He played for me in my second year at the Melbourne Storm and he was fantastic all year and he won us some games off his own back. He's a sensational player but he has to earn a starting spot first.

"Outside of CQ, we've just signed Michael Ki who is a second-rower or prop from New Zealand. He's a giant of a man and he's one of the guys I have recruited to add some size to the pack.

"He played in the NSW Cup this year for the Warriors. He's a player who has immense improvement in him. He is very aggressive and has a strong carry and defence.

"Two really good signings returning to the area are Bill Cullen and Liam Pickersgill who have had a taste of NRL systems at the Cowboys for Bill and the Broncos for Liam."

Williams said he aimed to finalise the Capras squad within the next two weeks.


 26 players already signed

 17 retained players including Matt Minto and Ian Webster

 Three players returning to the area including Maipele Morse, Liam Pickersgill and Bill Cullen

 Nine players from outside the region, including Michael Ki

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