Darcy Etrich in the Capras v Broncos pre season game at Browne Park on Saturday night. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Darcy Etrich in the Capras v Broncos pre season game at Browne Park on Saturday night. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison

RUGBY LEAGUE: Central Queensland Capras centre Russell Webber is happy with his squad's fitness and commitment despite going down to the Broncos under-20s squad 26-20 in Saturday night's clash at Browne Park.

A full stadium turned out to see the CQ Capras take on some of the best young talent in Brisbane, and Capras coach Jason Hetherington couldn't be more proud of his side in what was a fantastic, tough encounter.

Hetherington was pleased with his team's efforts and said they would take much knowledge and confidence from the game as well as establishing what they needed to work on before their next clash.

"I think we played well, however our execution at the back end of our plays could have been a lot better. We had a lot of field position early but didn't capitalise on those good areas, so they're things we've got to work on," Hetherington said.

"I've just got to come up with better plays and I thought everyone played extremely well.

"There were periods of that game that I was extremely happy with, and certain areas we have to work hard on - but again their effort was great."

Hetherington said the team came up against a very good side in the young Broncos who were will drilled, well coached, fit and fast.

"The good sides will put points on you and I think they scored about three tries and three conversions in about a 10-minute period and that was probably the turning point of the game but we hung in there," he said.

"We need to convert a few kicks, too, so I'll get the boys down to practise their kicking at training because six points is better than four 90% of the time. But it's one of those things."

Hetherington credited the Capras and said the main thing that they would take away from the loss, was their continued determination and commitment to the game.

"What I liked about it was that we hung in again. It was 18-4 at one point and it ended up at 26-20 so that second half for us, I think it was (great for) attitude and commitment.

"The boys were committed for 80 minutes and win, lose or draw, I expect them to play for 80 minutes and again I was proud of that.

"We get upset, no one likes losing, but we can take a lot out of that game," Hetherington said.

"That second-half performance, we fine- tuned a lot of those little back-end plays, so I think we'll be a lot better off. We got into good position and we got there quite easily.

I think our forwards did extremely well to get us field position, so to help them out with our edge players and our kickers we've got to come up with better options on the last tackle and they're things again we'll work on."

Hetherington said weeks of hard work paid off with players executing plays and following instructions perfectly.

"I thought our edge and our defenders were great, we worked on it during the week and they executed their defence pattern extremely well - well perfectly I thought. Once they got us on a kick, but they weren't good enough to get through us so they went through us with a kick and I think that's a testament to our edge defenders," he said.

Webber reflected on the game and said it was the squad's fitness in the second half of the game that really shone through on the field.

"It just took us a while to get going but once we got together and after Reggie Saunders scored a try I think the boys got more keen and just wanted to get in there. That try lifted us up and I think that's what got us a bit closer even though we fell short by six points," Webber said.

"I think we were the fitter side towards the end, but during the game they were a lot faster and up the middle, they got us a few times but towards the end our fitness was starting to kick in and if we had a little bit more time we could have got another try.

"It was definitely a bit different to when I was a 20-year-old. They were a big side, physical, fit and fast and that first period there I think they did well to hold us out on their line and to their credit they did and we just couldn't complete our back end of the set with our kicks, but to their credit they were a good side."



CQ Capras 20


Russell Webber

Reggie Saunders

Brent Williams

Ben Faulkner


Blake Wallace

Cameron Munster

Brisbane Broncos 26


Caleb Timu

Joseph Forrester

Tom Opacic

Kodi Nikorima

Brett Greinke


Ashley Taylor 3

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