Hide the credit card from the kids

Is it just my imagination or are kids so much smarter these days?

My seven year old son can pickpocket my iPhone and within minutes comes back telling me he has already got up to level 80 in a puzzle game that I can't even get past level one.

He can program the television, find his way around a computer and can even teach me a thing or two about how do graphics in Word.

All that and he is still learning to read.

And do kids have better hearing these days?

My boy can hear me open the fridge door even while playing in the back yard, and is already yelling "Can I have one of whatever you are having", before I have even got it to my mouth.

Pity that supersonic hearing doesn't apply to the times I am telling him to clean his room.

It is amazing how he becomes magically deaf on those occasions.

Yet he can still hear me muttering about his lack of response to my requests.

Still, it is the little things he notices that I find funniest of all.

Now on the school holidays I am happy to be sharing with him some of the classics from my childhood screening on television.

You know, classics like Charlie's Angels, The Flintstones and The A-Team.

(I still love it when a plan comes together.)

Already the boy has picked up the same "dog voice" on Wacky Races is also on Top Cat.

Back in my childhood I can recall watching Monkey and never even noticed that the movement of their lips didn't match what they were saying.

Of all the things my boy can do, I am glad he hasn't worked out how to use my credit card with all the infomercials on television.

He has already suggested we could do with a transformer ladder (sorry son, it doesn't change into a robot despite what it is called).

He also hinted my house might be much cleaner with one of those super duper H2O steam mops.

I'm glad he hasn't suggested the need for me to buy an ab-shaper or Zumba fitness program.

See, I told you his is smart.

Still, the next thing you know he will be wanting me to sort out my funeral plan.

Hmmm, maybe I had better keep a closer eye on the credit card statement in future.


One from the archives of Supermum by Sharyn O'Neill

(twitter: supermum1972)

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