STUDY BREAK: Zali year 12.
STUDY BREAK: Zali year 12.

High school students enjoy home learning

Home-based learning

Gina Ramsey – Year 11

Starting Term Two was like starting homeschooling; learning the content ourselves, at our own pace with the teacher checking up with us most lessons to see how we were coping with the content.

As a student of Biloela State High School, I found that home-based learning was quite enjoyable and easy to do. The teachers would give us our task for the day, and we would work through the content at our own pace. The work was easy to find, as we would use apps such as SharePoint and OneNote which allowed us to share content with our teachers.

We didn’t have the distractions like in a normal classroom. Fair enough we could get distracted by things we wanted to do for the day, but after the timer was set and the work ready to go, we were able to smash it out.

Holly Year 12.
Holly Year 12.

The schoolwork was great, as we had the ability to work at our own pace and take regular breaks if we felt overwhelmed by a massive assignment. I remember I had to complete three pages of maths examples just after I had finished doing my Biology work. I just took a break, went for a short run, came back to it and I felt revived, ready to get it done.

A few times however, it would seem the teachers had sent you a pile of work to get done and you just didn’t have the motivation to do it. The key for home-based learning I found, was to get up, have a good breakfast and write down your priorities – what needs to be done first and what can be done later.

Then, and only then, could you find the motivation to get your work done to the best of your ability.

Caitlyn and Emily, Year 7 and 12.
Caitlyn and Emily, Year 7 and 12.


Caitlyn De Git – Year 12

ANZAC DAY is typically a day when a community gathers to pay respect to those who lost their lives fighting for the freedom we have today. ANZAC DAY 2020 was very different. Due to the world pandemic which we are currently under, people were not able to gather altogether but instead participated in Driveway at Dawn. Driveway at Dawn was a great experience, seeing everyone paying their respects was amazing. I personally stood at the end of my driveway in my school uniform holding a wreath and a candle. This was me showing respect given that I, as School Captain, wasn’t able to personally speak at the community service.

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