Hipster baby names you’ll love (or love to hate)

YOU know those hipster kids - the ones who wear vintage harem pants and moccasins to the playground and whose parents haven't let an animal product pass their lips since 2002. They sip babycinos like nobody's business and they're achingly cool before they even turn two.

Last but not least, their names were carefully selected by their parents to reflect their counter-culture trendiness. Forget Atticus and Lola - they're so last-year hipster. Real hipsters are always one step ahead.

ANAIS. There's nothing like a French name to set hipster hearts aflutter. Pronounced "ah-nah-ees" and meaning "grace", it also has a literary angle with a Balzac character named Anais.

CLEMENTINE. A seedless variety of mandarin, the clementine is much more than just a citrus fruit. It will also be proudly touted by countless leaders of the counterculture in about 20 years. You go, little Clem - you can change the world.

DELILAH. Who would've thought that one of the top hipster names of the moment is actually Arabic in origin and means "to flirt"? Yep, that sounds about obscure enough.

EDIE. In my day, one of the coolest boho folk singers around was Edie Brickell of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. It seems that her name is making a comeback and leaving cutesy Evie choking on its hipster dust.

HAZEL. Formerly a wacky celeb choice (Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt have daughters named Hazel), this sweet sobriquet has become less of an out-there oddity and more of a just-under-the-radar trend of late.

JUNIPER. The fact that this is the second tree name in a row on this list says a lot about the nature of hipsterdom. It's a little more daring than Hazel, so it's not for overly sensitive types who will crumble at the first query (aka thinly veiled criticism) regarding their "interesting" name choice.

ROMY. Originally a diminutive of Rosemary, Romy now stands on its own as an uber-cool underground moniker. Point in case: director Sofia Coppola and Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars have wee Romys.

SIA. Aussie singer Sia - who often performs with her back to the audience or wearing giant wigs to conceal her face and protect her privacy - lends an aura of mystery to this Old Norse name.

TALLULAH. Tallulah was originally an obscure anglicised version of the Irish name Tuilelaith, but celebrities (including Demi Moore and Bruce Willis) and hipsters everywhere have made it their own.

WILLA. Another nickname that has become its own name (it was formerly the short form of Wilhelmina), Willa offers a more feminine and low-key alternative to hipster fave Willow.

BYRON. Byron is on the cusp of being passé, so unless you snapped it up in its heyday circa early 2014, you're probably better off skipping it. You wouldn't want your kid to be a try-hard, copy-cat hipster.

DASHIELL. Obscure literary references are at the epicentre of hipsterdom, and you don't get much cooler than 1920s hard-boiled detective novelist Dashiell Hammett.

EISLEY. This is so cutting-edge that even your local hipsters will get whiplash from its brand-newness. Don't tell ANYONE about it and ink it on a dateless birth certificate well in advance of your baby's birth so you can say you were the very first.

JASPER. "A gem name for boys? We'll take it!" say hipsters everywhere. Its appearance in literary works by the likes of James Fenimore Cooper and Sir Walter Scott seal the deal.

LAZLO. It's Hungarian (when spelt Laszlo), it contains a trendy "Z", it means "glorious ruler" and no other kid on the playground has it… yet. Perfect! Just perfect.

LINUS. Nerdy-chic names are a mainstay of hipster culture, so thumb-sucking Linus of Peanuts fame is most welcome as a muse. Cooler pop-culture Linuses have included Humphrey Bogart's character in the original Sabrina movie and Matt Damon's in the Ocean's Trilogy.

MONTY. Why, hello, cute little take on the short-form-as-full-name trend. Though Montgomery gained some serious street-cred from '50s actor and sex symbol Montgomery Clift, his moniker feels a bit dusty these days. But Monty? Now we're talking.

OTIS. Aside from its most famous namesake, R&B and soul legend Otis Redding, Otis has a distinctly nerdy feel. But as we now know, that doesn't stop hipsters! It's all the more reason for it to be embraced.

ROSCOE. This sounds like one of those made-up modern names to me, but apparently it's a Norse appellation meaning "deer forest" that was popular in the late 19th-century and is now making a resurgence. Alrighty then.

WALDO. Naw, that geeky kid with the striped shirt and beanie even gets a turn! (If this makes no sense to you, that's because in my native Canada, Where's Wally? is known as Where's Waldo?) Not my cup of tea, but more power to you, painfully hip people of the world.

This story originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

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