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Ho... ho hum... study reveals the gifts we're all sick of

AUSTRALIANS have been revealed as Christmas grinches rather than Santa Clauses, according to new research from Nabo.com.au, the social network for local communities.

The survey of 1000 respondents has found that 66% of the population don't like the Christmas gifts they receive.

The top five worst gifts Australians receive at Christmas time are novelty or statement t-shirts, 'boring' movies and documentaries, toiletry packs, socks, and poor fitting or unfashionable clothing, with surprisingly, no mention of lumps of coal.

What's the most boring gift you're sick of receiving?

This poll ended on 27 December 2015.

Current Results

Novelty shirts






Socks, hankies or underwear


Daggy clothing


Diet or self-help books


Boxes of chocolates


Tins or cars of cookies


Knitted sweaters


Kitchen items (cutlery, Tupperware)


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Further statistics suggest that friends and extended family are so stumped for gift ideas, they choose to give nothing at all, with half the population admitting to expecting a gift but not actually receiving one.

While the odd bad gift is expected every Christmas, it also appears that toilet humour is in great supply with 21 per cent of people stating they had received a toilet seat from a friend.

As for what most Australians do with these gifts, one-third admit to trying to get refunds on diet or self-help books while almost 40 per cent of the population re-gift boxes of chocolate.

Conversely, half of the population will keep Tupperware and cleaning products, despite disliking them.

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