Home alone, silence is deafening

THEY say silence is golden.

And there are times when I definitely agree.

It is a rare event as a parent, getting time to myself.

As a mother, I am lucky if I can spend five minutes alone in the bathroom without a knock on the door.

Well, if I am lucky I only hear a knock.

Usually the knock is followed by unexpected company, telling me something like, "Mum, I can't find my socks," or asking for help in locating such missing item.

Explaining that I am a bit busy at the moment doesn't seem to deter them at all.

But with the kids holidaying with family for the school break and my partner wandering in the wilderness for work, I had the opportunity to feel like the Queen - with uninterrupted time on the throne.

And that wasn't all. I could put my feet up, chuck a romantic comedy in the DVD player without complaints, and dine on all sorts of delicacies without having to share - for three whole days. What bliss.

I enjoyed many simple pleasures over those precious days; full control of the television remote, getting up when I wanted, going to bed when I wanted, reading page after page of a novel without interruption.

As if by magic the house stayed clean. Things were just where I left them. Heavenly.

But there is also that expression about deaf-ening silence.

I was reminded how deafening when there were no good night hugs, kisses and I love yous to be heard, and no laughs and giggles echoing around the house.

That blissful silence on the first day was getting tiresome by day three.

Then my freedom was over, and my nine-year-old son was first to return home.

Within minutes I had lost control of the remote, had to share my tasty treats and be at his beck and call, with statements of "I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm bored".

Ironically, that first night he was back we watched the movie Home Alone, but I was glad I wasn't alone any more.

Kids, they may be noisy, smelly, and incredibly frustrating at times, but there was no better pleasure for me than hearing him laugh out loud beside me while we watched the movie.

Silence is golden, but time with loved ones is even more precious.


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