File image of police outside Allenstown Hotel
File image of police outside Allenstown Hotel

Home invader ‘cooked as a cactus’ on drugs during ordeal

A woman, “cooked as a cactus” on drugs, attended her former housemate’s residence with others during a home invasion where a man was struck in the face with a hammer.

Ashley-Jane Kimberley Phillips, 20, pleaded guilty on December 7 in Rockhampton District Court to one count of burglary and armed robbery while in company with personal violence.

Phillips, along with co-offenders James Michael Glenn Corbett and Chelsee Gwendolyn Wheaton, and one other unidentified offender, attended an Allenstown residence on January 13, 2020, about 12.30am and broke in by smashing a front window and unlocking a door.

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Crown prosecutor Elise Sargent said the male victim was asleep at the time.

She said his partner woke to get some water and a loud bang woke the male victim.

“He called out and observed the side light window smashed,” Ms Sargent said.

She said Corbett smashed the glass window before unlocking the front door, pushing it open and the four offenders “stormed” into the house.

James Michael Glenn Corbett.
James Michael Glenn Corbett.

Ms Sargent said the male victim retrieved nunchucks after identifying Wheaton and Phillips.

She said Phillips had lived with the male victim and he met Wheaton during that period.

Ms Sargent said the female victim went to the bedroom and then left the house.

She said the male victim backed down the hallway towards the living room where Phillips threw a dining room chair at him.

Ms Sargent said the unknown male approached the victim with a hammer, swung it at him and struck him in the face, hitting him below the eye.

Corbett repeatedly punched the victim in the face until the other male told him to stop.

Someone asked the victim for motorbike keys and the victim suggested his partner had them.

Corbett punched him in the face again and the other male said, while carrying an X-box console and controllers, to Corbett he “legitimately” thought the victim did not know where the keys were.

Wheaton and Phillips walked from room to room, grabbing jewellery and other items.

Wheaton walked towards the other male carrying a motorbike helmet and jacket.

Chelsee Gwendolyn Wheaton.
Chelsee Gwendolyn Wheaton.

She yelled “go” and all offenders ran out of the front door.

The victim heard his motorbike being ridden away from his house.

When the female victim returned to the residence, she saw the place had been ransacked and not having a phone, she ran to the Allenstown Hotel for help.

The male victim was flown to Brisbane due to his injuries which included bruising to his lower left eye socket, swelling to his nose, multiple teeth knocked out, swelling to his hand, bruise to his inner thigh and fractures to his left facial bone and nasal bones.

Ms Sargent said police searched Corbett’s Norman Gardens residence on January 15, finding the X-box and other items.

Police spoke with Phillips after she was arrested on January 25 and she claimed she was not responsible, followed Wheaton “like a sheep” and was distracted by her phone during the invasion.

Phillips’ version was not accepted.

Ms Sargent said Phillips had personal knowledge of the victim and the layout of the residence.

The court heard Corbett and Wheaton were sentenced on May 29, 2020, by Judge Michael Burnett, with Corbett receiving a five-year prison term with 154 days presentence custody declared as time served and parole release after 14 months (he will be eligible for parole on January 27, 2021).

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Wheaton was sentenced to 3.5 years prison, suspended after eight months with 3.5 months presentence custody declared as time served, and operational for four years.

Defence lawyer Scott Moon said Phillips’ mother had struggled with an ice addiction and had gone to a drug rehabilitation facility to “rid herself of the drug” and “set a better example for” her daughter”.

Mr Moon said Phillips had aspergers and autism spectrum disorder.

He said she had been exposed to violence and drugs growing up, led a transient lifestyle, attended three schools and was kicked out by her mother.

Mr Moon said his client had used drugs “sporadically” when she received her benefits payments and was “cooked as a cactus” the night of the home invasion.

Phillips had a three-page criminal record.

She was sentenced to 3.5 years prison with two days declared as time served, and parole eligibility set as June 7, 2021. Criminal convictions were recorded.

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