Nine-year-old Layla and her best friend Aymee
Nine-year-old Layla and her best friend Aymee

Dog horribly attacked in front of nine-year-old girl

ANNA Struthers and her family have been left absolutely devastated after their poodle Aymee was brutally attacked on a Yeppoon beach over the weekend.

The Stuthers family were spending their Sunday afternoon on Lammermoor Beach when a "huge unleashed dog came out of nowhere and attacked her".

Anna, who was with her nine-year-old daughter and husband, said the attack went on for a "horrific three minutes" as the dog which weighted about 30kg latched on to a 13kg Aymee.

"It was just awful, it was shaking her and Aymee was just screaming then I started screaming and that's when my husband came over and tried to get the dog off Aymee but couldn't," Anna said.

"My husband had seen the owners come on to the beach earlier with the dog, so my husband recognised the lady owner walking back towards us very, very casually (during the attack)."

Anna and her husband were both screaming at the other dog's owners to "please come and get your dog" but the pair said this made no difference.

"She arrived at where the attack was happening and she just watched, she did nothing to get her dog off our dog," Anna said

Anna's husband eventually pried the other dogs jaws open and pushed it away.

"Then the owner put her dog back on the leash and casually walked off," Anna said.

"She did not speak one single word to us, I am flawed that she had no emotion on her face.

"It's like nothing I've ever experienced."

After the attack other beach-goers helped to wrap the small dog in towels to stop the bleeding before the family rushed their poodle to the vet.

"We raced Aymee to the vet, she had puncture wounds all over her and she had lost a lot of blood and they were worried she may have spinal injuries."

The family, who adopted Aymee from Capricorn Animal Aid just over a year ago, said they were devastated she had to "endure this unprovoked attack".

As well as Aymee's injuries, Anna was also bitten on the thumb and taken to Yeppoon Hospital to be treated.

She was given a tetanus shot and course of antibiotics.

"Apart from Aymee's injuries and mine, my nine-year-old daughter Layla is very much traumatised by what she saw as well," Anna explained.

"To see her being ripped apart and in so much pain was just horrible."

Anna wants to see action taken and the owner of the dog held accountable for what happened.

"I've had an officer from the Livingstone Shire Council already come and take reports and they are interviewing a witness, so we hope she can be identified.

"We just want the owner to come forward and offer an explanation as to her behaviour, why she didn't hurry to help get her dog off ours, why she stood there and watched it happen, why she didn't say one single word to us and why her savage dog was not leashed.

"She needs to offer compensation for our large vet bill and she needs to apologise to everyone that was traumatised by witnessing the attack due to her irresponsibility as a pet owner."

Aymee the poodle remains at the vet and is waiting for blood on her lungs to clear before they can operate.

Anna said she and her family were grateful for all of the community's help during and after the attack.

"I want to thank everyone who helped us from the witness who took the photos of the owner's car, to those who helped us bundle Aymee up in towels and apply pressure to her wounds and helped us to our car and locating a vet in Yeppoon and of course Acacia Vet for their superb care of Aymee."

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