Jockey in stable condition after being airlifted from Rocky

MONDAY 11.45AM: A BRISBANE jockey who was airlifted to Royal Brisbane Hospital on Saturday night, after he fell off his horse at the Rocky Cup, is in a stable condition.

The jockey, Sairyn Fawke, fell off his horse Power Ranger at the 900m mark of the Rocky Cup race on Saturday afternoon, after his horse "blundered" and fell.

Fawke at the time was conscious but was in a lot of discomfort.

It was believed he had broken a finger.

SUNDAY: IN one of the most open fields for a long time of 16 runners, the 2015 Rockhampton Cup was drama filled on Saturday afternoon after two horses and their jockeys fell heavily and another jockey was dislodged at the 900 metre mark of the 1,600 metre race.

Brisbane jockeys Sairyn Fawke on Power Ranger and Brad Stewart on one of the Cup favourites and last year's winner Vandalised came together heavily and both horses and their mounts crashed to the Callaghan Park turf.

Local jockey, Adrian Coome tried to avoid the collision and fallen horses and was dislodged from Choice Bro. He was taken to Rockhampton hospital where he was cleared of serious injury and he will undergo further test for a possible ligament or tendon damage to his left elbow.

Brad Stewart was able to walk back to the mounting yard unhurt, save for a possible fractured or dislocated finger.

Most concern is held for Sairyn Fawke who was airlifted yesterday to Brisbane hospital where he has movement, is responsive and in a stable condition, according to the latest information from the Australian Jockey's Association

After the fall, the pack settled and by the 200 metre of the 1,600 metre race mark a small group of front runners made a bid for the Cup. Victory Hotel with jockey James Orman on board held off a late charge by Casino Benjo, ridden by John Pointon, to win the Cup by a nose, with Danagaze ridden by Lawrie Mayfield-Smith third.

Paramedics assess patients at Rocky car and bus crash

Paramedics assess patients at Rocky car and bus crash

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