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How a young woman's boyfriend pressured her into becoming an ice addict

She was on the straight and narrow until her possessive boyfriend pressured her into an ice addiction.

Ashleigh Peta Gibbs, 24, pleaded guilty in The Supreme Court of Rockhampton today to one count of possessing dangerous drugs in excess of two grams.

The court heard Gibbs was pulled over by police on November 6, 2015 and she consented to a search of her car, but appeared to be nervous.

Police found two clip sealed bags within another clip sealed bag between Gibbs' legs containing methamphetamines.

The weight of the drugs was 6.984 grams with a pure weight of 5.163 grams.

Gibbs admitted to police the substance was ice, but refused to participate in a recorded interview.

It was accepted by Crown prosecutor Samantha O'Rourke the "significant” amount drugs were for personal use only.

Gibbs had no relevant criminal history, but a two page traffic history with the last charge relating to driving while on methamphetamines.

Defence barrister Tom Polley told the court his client didn't start using ice until late 2014, early 2015.

Her decent into drug addiction began when she started dating a controlling man six years her senior.

When the pair first got together Gibbs didn't know he was using meth, but it became apparent down the line when she realised how little he slept.

Gibbs' then boyfriend offered her meth several times.

She declined at first, but gave in to the pressure and quickly developed a drug habit.

On the day of the offence, Gibbs' boyfriend had received money from a tax return and sent her to go get drugs for the two of them.

It was often the case he would send her to go buy drugs for the pair.

She was intercepted on the way home.

Justice Duncan McMeekin told Gibbs the only reasons she wasn't going to serve time in prison was the fact of her youth and lack of criminal history despite being caught with "... an extraordinary amount (of drugs) for one person to have”

He was also concerned Gibbs was caught drug driving after she had been apprehended for possession, indicating she kept using.

Justice McMeekin sentenced Gibbs to 12 months imprisonment with immediate parole.

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