Giving back.
Giving back.

How giving a little can grant you a lot back

I AM fortunate that my kids are of an age that they still sometimes laugh at my jokes, even the bad ones.

One of my favourites is joking that most people who know me around town know me either for wearing a dress or my pyjamas.

My dress of course refers to the robes that I wear in liturgical worship.

My pyjamas are in fact my training uniform for rhee taekwondo, a martial art I practice.

The reason some people know me from that is that I assist in teaching one of the kids' classes each week, as well as participating in the training.

As a minister I also volunteer as a teacher of RI in the state school system.

All this leads me to the fact that, because it is school holidays, I missed my RI classes this week, as the kids are on well-earned breaks.

It may seem odd to say that missing them was one of the most important things I did this week, because it reminded me of the importance of broader community connections that I make, and that I am fortunate to be able to do so.

Of course I am not uniquely fortunate in being able to find a time to volunteer as many people do so, but I wonder two things.

Firstly if most of us spend the time to reflect on what that role brings to us personally, and secondly I wonder if those who don't engage in some self giving way know what they are missing out on.

I know that with the business of life, and the demands that all sorts of things place on our time, if I had not made a personal commitment to the two programs I am a part of I would have allowed them to fall by the wayside.

However because I have stuck with them I have gotten to be, in some small way a part of their lives, and they have been a part of mine.

I suspect that for many people who find they are unable or unwilling to create the space to volunteer, it is that very connection they are missing.

In short, this is my plea to you, that you consider what you could do to enrich the lives of others, and perhaps your own.

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