How to impress your wife with mechanical prowess...

ONCE upon a time, being able to get your car going again was considered a measure of one's manhood.

Knowing how to put a fan belt on or change a tyre were base-level skills most were taught as teenagers and, given how unreliable cars could be back then, there were plenty of opportunities to practice.

Joe Fitzgerald.
Joe Fitzgerald.

My wife is fond of telling people the story of how I learnt to tie a bow tie - literally by typing "how to tie a bow tie" into YouTube and watching a tutorial video.

I tried to explain that these skills aren't passed down from father to son or mother to daughter anymore; we have the internet for that.

She walked away muttering something about her choices in life that I didn't quite catch.

So while RACQ has happily come to the rescue of almost 50,000 Queenslanders with flat tyres this year alone, we've now produced a helpful tutorial on how to easily and safely do it yourself.

Simply type "how to change a tyre" into YouTube or visit for the details.

Your wife is bound to be impressed.

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