IMPRESSED: CQUniversity Art teacher Carmen Gray with Emma Dawson and her Mum, Theresa Egerton.
IMPRESSED: CQUniversity Art teacher Carmen Gray with Emma Dawson and her Mum, Theresa Egerton. Jann Houley

How local art studies led to an award-winning career

What better recommendation to study art at CQUniversity Rockhampton than from this year's Bayton Award winner?

Erin Dunne undertook a short course in experimental drawing in 2007 as part of her senior school studies.

More recently, she returned to do some short courses which gave her the inspiration to pursue art as a full-time career.

That decision culminated in her winning the prestigious award out of a field of 25 very competitive finalists.

Hundreds of local families visited the Canning St CQUniversity facilities today to investigate enrolment options in courses as varied as nursing, hospitality, language studies and the arts.

Liam Plumb and art teacher Lisa Gaze.
Liam Plumb and art teacher Lisa Gaze. Jann Houley

For Lisa Gaze, who has been teaching jewellery making at the University for 22 years, being a member of the arts faculty provides constant opportunities to improve her own skills.

"Last year we went to Brisbane and they had the virtual reality for us all to try,” she said.

"Now, as of last year, we offer a visual arts major in the Bachelor of Creative Arts, which is great for Rockhampton.”

She was giving Liam Plumb, who graduated from North Rockhampton State High School in 2016, a tour of the art studios.

"I'm applying for a Cert. II this year,” said the 20-year old who is interested in information technology combined with the arts.

The Morning Bulletin recently reported that CQUniversity's southside campus opened a new laboratory designed to support Digital Media specialisations in graphic design and video production available from 2020.

But the University's commitment to excellence in arts runs deeper than forming relationships with only its students.

Theresa Egerton visited the campus with her 14-year old daughter Emma but got drawn into a tour of the labs when she spied a familiar piece of work among the samples on display.

Ms Egerton works for Precision Engraving which has helped art teacher Carmen Gray develop a new printing process which is safer for her students.

It is laser-etched onto perspex and printed in house, avoiding the application of nitric acid which can be quite dangerous.

Emma, who is almost 15, studies through the Capricornia School of Distance Education, and she is considering doing a certificate course as part of her senior studies.

She not also draws, but knows how to sew and make bracelets, when she is not taking aerial lessons at PhysiPole Studios in Cambridge Street.

"The art facilities here look really interesting; I don't have any of this at home,” she said.

Her Mum, who also has a thirteen-year old, is so impressed by the facilities, she said she would consider enrolling herself.

"There are so many enticements to stay in Rockhampton if people are willing to search for them,” she said.

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