How long before a kid dies?

NEXT time, a kid will end up dead.

That’s the fear of one Emu Park mum after yet another violent assault in Yeppoon over the weekend.

This time the physical clash is believed to be between Emu Park “Parkies” and a group of students from St Brendan’s College.

Kirsten Budd (not her real name) said her 18-year-old son was brutally bashed in Jarman Street on Saturday night after he and a few friends went uninvited to a party.

Wanting to keep her identity hidden, scared of further retribution for her son from speaking out, Kirsten said her son was going to the assistance of one of his friends, aged 17, who was being attacked by a group of youths from the party.

“My son is not a fighter,” Kirsten said.

When trying to protect his friend, Kirsten said, he was attacked himself by five or six boys in the street, who started punching and kicking him to near unconsciousness.

Looking at a photograph of her son’s injuries, including severe bruising and stitches on both his head and lip, Kirsten said her son not only needed hospital treatment in Yeppoon, but also had to go to Rockhampton for X-rays and a CT scan.

“This is not a picture you want in your family album,” she said.

His friend also received concussion and had a burst blood vessel in his eye.

While Kirsten admits both boys had been drinking and should not have been trying to get into the party uninvited, she said they didn’t deserve to be bashed.

“There was no reason – it was because he was a ‘Parky’.”

And she is worried what will happen next time, this incident being another in a spate of vicious attacks on the streets of Yeppoon.

“It’s going to get bigger and nastier,” she said.

“It has been happening for years, Poonies (Yeppoon boys) versus Parkies or Brendan’s versus Parkies.”

The escalating violence on the streets of Yeppoon has caused concern over recent months, with residents coming forward to organise petitions and an upcoming street march to highlight the need for something to be done about these vicious crimes.

One victim of these crimes, 19-year-old Bradley Carter, spent 10 days in an induced coma fighting for his life after he was attacked in the Yeppoon CBD on September 5.

Kirsten said she wanted anyone who was a witness to the incident involving her son to contact police to help in their investigations.

“Police need to deal with it – before there is a death,” she said.

Police said they received a number of 000 calls on the night of the incident from 12.40am to 1.15am regarding a street fight, people jumping on cars and a dispute between a group of “Parkies” who turned up uninvited to a party.

Senior Sergeant Bob Barclay said they were aware of the dispute and were looking into the matter.

“Police are investigating the assault,” Senior Sergeant Barclay said.

Simon Dash, principal at St Brendan’s College, has also spoken of his concern about the violence.

“Without knowing full details I don’t want to speculate, but it doesn’t represent the college and the things we stand for,” Mr Dash said.

While he said he couldn’t verify whether the youths involved were students of the school, he did say the school would fully co-operate with police investigations.

“We educate our kids that violence is not a good thing.”

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