Airport entrance West Rockhampton.
Airport entrance West Rockhampton. Chris Ison ROK040817cwestrocky3

How Rocky Airport could accommodate Adani FIFO hub

THE 20-year Rockhampton Airport master plan has examined the impact of Fly-in Fly-out operations on the precinct.

Typical shift patterns at mine sites result in off-peak travel for FIFO workers. Flights are usually closed charter operations organised by the mine operator and would operate at Rockhampton Airport in the early morning and afternoon.

FIFO workers typically work a week long shift before returning to the FIFO base. As such, ticketing and baggage arrangements can be organised in conjunction with the mine and charter operators to facilitate simple and efficient processing of passengers.

To facilitate the creation of a dedicated FIFO processing facility, the north end of the passenger terminal would be converted into a lounge and processing facility.

FIFO passengers would utilise the existing check-in counters for those with baggage or needing to check-in.

However, it is expected that the one week shift duration would reduce the number of FIFO workers needing to check-in luggage in favour of carry-on baggage.

As these operations are closed charter and the passengers are to be kept segregated from the public commercial operations in the terminal, there would be no security screening conducted.

The mining sector often undertakes fit-for-work testing of its employees before commencement of shifts.

A FIFO worker that fails a fit-for-work test would be stood down while an investigation takes place.

Such test are typically conducted at the mine site and therefore, the worker is required to remain onsite during the investigation.

In response to these requirements, a dedicated fit-for-work and analysis facility could be positioned adjacent to the dedicated FIFO entrance that would allow random testing of passengers on entry into the departure lounge.

Positioning the facility upon entry to the lounge would ensure that all passengers have the chance to be screened and reduces the potential for delay to aircraft as a result of screening immediately prior to boarding.

This would enable an individual who fails a test to be refused boarding of the aircraft and therefore, reduced expense at the mine site during the further investigation.

In addition to this, small induction and training offices could be accommodated near the entrance to the lounge as well as larger rooms accommodating up to 20 people could be located in the near vicinity, making use of currently vacant conference rooms.

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