Care and Share Rockhampton's John Formosa with Suzan Romyn.
Care and Share Rockhampton's John Formosa with Suzan Romyn. Allan Reinikka ROK080317acare1

How Rocky's generosity is changing lives

BEING passed from one home to the next John Formosa was always in the care of Child Safety.

Once he was on his own two feet and free from care, he had nothing to his name.

But with the help of local charities he was soon on track.

Knowing the struggles people face in Capricornia , John and a few of his mates set up a charity in hopes of helping people rebuild their lives.

So John kick started his own organisation, Care and Share Rockhampton Inc. where he helped provide the less fortunate and homeless with furniture, free of charge.

"It come about when a few friends got together and said they wanted to help the community out more so we sat down, had a meeting and here we are now,” John said.

"Donations are what we solely rely on to give back to the community and if it wasn't for the donations and how much support we've gotten so far we wouldn't be where we are.”

John said Care and Share currently operate through a Facebook page whilst working hand in hand with Anglicare, Redcross and Darumbal.

The charity currently receives around 10 to 15 loads of donations daily which are then passed onto local families.

"It makes a lot of difference because you see some families and they struggle to get food and the bare necessities,” John said.

"Our stuff isn't brand new but we can try and accommodate, we will try and get everything we need to furnish a house for someone who really needs it.

"We decided who gets what on a need basis, we don't have a criteria and we're not picky and choosy but we just help everyone from across the board.”

The driving reason behind the charity's establishment was John's previous involvement in non-for-profit organisations along with his own personal experience.

"I've been where some of the people are now, I used to live in department of Child safety so I was passed from home to home and once I got up on my own feet I had nothing,” he said.

"So I was thankful for the charities that helped me back then.

"It's rewarding to pass something on and see someone smile because they have gone from having nothing to something and you've given them that little bit of happiness.”

To make donations to Care and Share Rockhampton Inc. or to request furniture, contact them through their Facebook page: CARE & SHARE ROCKHAMPTON INC.

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