How Salvation Army transformed CQ meth addict’s life

A METHAMPHETAMINES addict who turned to drug trafficking to support his habit, found his own path to rehabilitation outside of Central Queensland.

He had resisted Probation and Parole’s efforts to rehabilitate the young offender, with officers coming to the conclusion an addict could only be rehabilitated if they were motivated.

That offender now describes his path to a drug free life as being ‘transforming’ and now desires to be a drug counsellor.


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Codey Lee Mellor, 27, spent seven months at the Salvation Army’s Moonie Centre at Red Hill prior to being sentenced in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton on July 17 for trafficking with 25 supply drugs charges attached.

Defence barrister Joshua Fenton said Mellor was an inpatient at the centre since December 2, 2019, and completed 7.5 months of a nine month course.

He said the days at the centre involved group therapy every day and Mellor attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings every afternoon.

“He instructs the Moonie experience has been so transforming for him,” Mr Fenton said.

“He wants to become a drug counsellor.”

The court heard Probation and Parole officers had attempted to guide Mellor to rehabilitation while he was a subject of the authorities in 2018 and 2019, however, they “theorised” people could only be rehabilitated if they wanted to be.

Mr Fenton said his client’s trafficking was low level for a short period and was to fund his own addiction to meth.

Justice Graeme Crow said Mellor was identified during a police operation targeting two of his associates and which resulted in five people being arrested in February 2019.

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He said Mellor’s identification came through telephone intercepts that discussed supply and sales.

Mellor trafficked meth and marijuana for 75 days, selling a total of 6.35g of meth worth about $3750 which included 14 supplies of 0.1g and 17g supplies on two occasions.

Justice Crow said Mellor had an ‘unimpressive’ criminal record, six pages long, with many convictions for drugs in Biloela Magistrates Court.

The court heard Mellor attended school in Yeppoon but was expelled in Year 11 due to drugs.

He started using meth when he was 23 years old and had not worked since.

Mellor was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and drug-induced psychosis.

Justice Crow sentenced Mellor to three years prison, declared one day presentence custody and set parole release on April 15, 2021.

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