Chalkdust Finearts artist Belinda Reid
Chalkdust Finearts artist Belinda Reid Contributed

How the Cap Coast captured talented artist's heart

BEFORE the chalk dust could settle artist Belinda Reid knew Yeppoon was not just for holidays, in her visions it was her future forever home.

Before she knew it the vision was a reality and her Chalkdust Fine Arts had a new home.

"When my husband said 'What about moving to Rockhampton?' I said 'what about Yeppoon?' Three weeks later, we sold our house and in eight weeks we were here, we were home.”

Belinda and her husband of 17 years, Jason, don't waste time when they make a decision they act fast. Like the story of when they met and married in five months, things move quickly in the Reid household.

"We arrived midday on Thursday as the Fitzroy River reached it's flood peak. We looked at a house twice on the Saturday and two weeks later we were the proud owner of the historic Kimberley House. The fact that it all came about so easily, I'm sure it was meant to happen,” Belinda said.

It seems designing beautiful artworks to add to a wide range of bags, cards, tea towels, cushions, prints and portraits was also meant to happen.

"I've always drawn. As a kid it was school art and as an adult props for plays and paintings. Then after a career in childcare and children's photography I wanted to do something from home to be there for the kids. My husband suggested doing something with my art, and here I am living it.”

Local coffee van Ruby Caravan captured in a commission by Belinda Reid.
Local coffee van Ruby Caravan captured in a commission by Belinda Reid. Contributed

In her head Belinda has a vision to supply, design and create unique and appealing artworks that are accessible for the everyday person, so that everyone can have a piece of artwork in their home.

As luck would have it Belinda had the chance to explore her art and move closer towards her vision at pastel classes. Classes run by none other than acknowledged Australian wildlife artist Gail Higgins who happened to be Belinda's sister's mother-in-law.

"Going to Gail's pastel classes was great, she really opened my eyes.

"She drove me to start creating more of my own artworks.”

It wasn't long before Belinda was taking what she had learned with Higgins and using it to design a set of four cards. Two weeks later the cards were sold out and then the private commissions for paintings, logos and public art started to roll in.

Pinefest commission piece.
Pinefest commission piece. Contributed

Now Belinda works on designing new prints and products to sell commercially in shops and markets where she has specially selected shops and art galleries that carry her works.

"Having come from Brisbane I design and print cushions, prints, bags, tea towels and lots of other products that I sell wholesale and consignments to stores in Logan and Warwick. I also exhibit at the Logan Art Gallery. I'm getting my Chalkdust Fine Art out into the community here too now this is my home.”

Now she's moved to Yeppoon you'll find Belinda's Chalkdust Fine Art at selected artisan craft markets and at special events like the Village Festival. And not one to work in isolation, Belinda's been busy creating connections in the local artistic community.

"I've met some amazing local artists.

"There's Jet James and Eloise who does sculpture and recycled art. There are dinner parties and get togethers with other artists, they all help each other and collaborate. It's great,” she said.

Belinda's collaborations and connections have already secured her some local artwork commissions for Yeppoon's Pinefest 2017 and a local motel.

Belinda Reid's helper at her Village Festival stall.
Belinda Reid's helper at her Village Festival stall. Contributed

Besides her commissions Belinda has some great plans and artistic visions to take Chalkdust Fine Arts out into the community.

"I'd love to do a community thing with Ruby Caravan Coffee Van and create a canvas where everybody gets to make their mark. I've already designed a piece of art of Ruby Caravan.

Belinda hopes to have a home studio and perhaps a little gallery one day soon.

"I have this vision of opening a home studio in pale blue, plush pinks, rose gold and copper. A place where people can come and share a coffee and a chat and I'm hoping to do children's lessons at some stage.”

You can see Belinda's passion for her fine art radiating through her warm smile, her kind eyes and softly spoken voice and the way her eyes light up when she talks about getting her artwork out to the public.

"I get a thrill every time someone buys something.”

The other thing Belinda's clearly passionate about is her new home on the Capricorn Coast.

"There's something relaxing about living by the water. We've always wanted to retire by the water and now we're here. A long way from retirement but we've made it here and we're living the dream.”

For more information go to Facebook Chalkdust Fine Arts Belinda Reid and Instagram chalkdustfinearts.

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