Rutha-Meu Omenefa with Kim Williams and Dominique McGregor.
Rutha-Meu Omenefa with Kim Williams and Dominique McGregor. Contributed

UPDATE: PNG students respond to incredible act of kindness

THE CQ Capras jumped at the chance to help some of the world's most disadvantaged children stay in school.    Earlier this year a rugby league based school academy was set up in Papua New Guinean city Port Moresby too assist in the students and their studies.    During their trip to face the PNG Hunters in July, the CQ Capras have given their share of support to the academy.   The entire squad donated their training gear and a full set of jerseys to kids who were previously forced to train in the day to day living clothes.

Capras coach Kim Williams said until you see a third world country first hand, it is a life-changing sight you can't shake.

"It is certainly an eye-opener. I'd been to Port Moresby before but for the guys who hadn't it is different," he said before praising his squad.

"Port Moresby is quite polluted and unsafe. There is noticeable poverty. No waste disposal system, fires in gutters, stray dogs, dead dogs, it is quite confronting.

"The boys all gave out their training gear, as much as they could. I was very proud of the guys and it meant the world to the academy. We had our players knocking on the door asking for my gear to give away.

"The joy on their faces is priceless. And the whole aim of the academy is using rugby league to keep the kids in school, for now they have something to take pride in the team, it is a pretty big thing for them to receive."

The academy, in its first year, strives to assist the students in gaining higher education and eventually get into university.

They teach self-discipline, how to build character, improve academic grades and develop their natural footballing skills.

Capras CEO Dominique McGregor said their touching vesture was the least the Capras could do.

"It is just nice to help out a struggling country," she said.

"The boys had never had a full set of jerseys, they just wear their own clothes.

"They don't have any of the facilities like we do. We only took a few things over as we weren't really aware of the situation." 

Academy director and former PNG Kumuls captain Glenn Nami said they were very humbled by the club's generosity.   

"The donation has boosted the boys morale and it is very uplifting to the academy," Mr Nami said.  

"This is the first of its kind to happen in our home town and to have the Capras club's support in this way is such a blessing.   

"We are very thankful and we hope to continue in partnership with them and look forward to bigger things happening for our academy."   

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