Keep pets inside, calm and comfortable.
Keep pets inside, calm and comfortable. Chalabala

How to calm your pet during a thunderstorm

THERE aren't too many pets that enjoy a thunderstorm, no matter how big and scary they think they are.

Which is why the RSPCA is pleading with pet owners to include their fury and feathery friends in their emergency plan for this year's storm season.

To prevent pets running away, it is recommended keeping pets safe indoors where possible.

"Keep them calm indoors with you or on a tether that provides sufficient running space and access to food and water," the RSPCA advises.

"You could also put them inside the laundry or toilet, or in a suitable crate."

Having your pet micro-chipped and with an identification tag attached to their collar also increases the chances of reuniting with your pet if it was to run away.

To calm your pet, try some of these methods:

Use a calm, gentle massage with long, slow strokes to help your pet relax. Remember that they pick up on your body language.

Putting a child's t-shirt on a dog prior to a storm can have an effect similar to swaddling a child.

Use soothing music to provide a relaxing atmosphere and distract the pet from the storm outside.

Essential oils like lavender can also help reduce stress. Try putting a couple of drops on your pet's collar or bedding or use a diffuser in the area.

During an electrical storm, close windows, blinds and curtains so the animal doesn't react to flashes of lightning.

Hold your pet's face in the palms of your hands and make it look at you. Try slowly blinking as if you were falling asleep. This helps to calm the animal as it believes you are calm.

Emergency contacts

To report any sick or injured animals, phone 1300 ANIMAL.

If you have lost your pet, phone the RSPCA Queensland Lost and Found team on 1300363736, and your local council.

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