"I COULD hear Kirra screaming really badly, it was a painful scream."

That's just one of the chilling recollections from 27-year-old Wolvi mum Kirra McLoughlin's neighbours on the afternoon and evening of the alleged incidents which led to her death on July 18, 2014.

Mystery still surrounds her death, which medical records said was due to "hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy" (brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and blood flow) as a consequence of a head injury.

Autopsy reports obtained by The Sunday Mail indicated 105 "signs of recent injury" on Kirra's body.


- Still no date for inquest into Kirra's death

- 'Perhaps now the truth can come out into the open'

- 105 bruises but no clue to young mum's death


HORROR SUFFERING: There were 105
HORROR SUFFERING: There were 105 "signs of recent injury” on Kirra's body according to her autopsy.

The Coroners Court of Queensland granted an inquest into Kirra's death in May this year, one month on from the podcast's debut episode.

Two people were formally interviewed by police with no charges laid.

The neigbours' recollections formed the basis of the latest locally-produced true crime podcast Beenham Valley Road, titled "The Eyes Either Side".

Kirra McLoughlin.
Kirra McLoughlin. Contributed

BVR co-creator and former Gympie police officer Jamie Pultz journeyed out to the site of Kirra's former home to interview "Evelyn" and "Damo", gathering their recollections of what happened the night before she was taken from the house by ambulance.


Joshua Preston at Beenham Valley Rd
Joshua Preston at Beenham Valley Rd Troy Jegers

"Evelyn", a near 80-year-old woman who regularly came into contact with Kirra and looked after her kids, remembered a "happy family" who lived at the property until her ex-husband moved out and a new partner moved in.

She alleged things started to get "hostile" at the house after a few months when the partner began to "bully" Kirra among other "unusual" happenings.

"Like one incident, there was a dead dog hanging on the front patio that frightened the kids and nobody knows how it got there," she recounted.

"Evelyn" told Mr Pultz she could often see violent happenings at the house from her patio about 300m away, including immediately before Kirra's eventual death.

"I could see it going on for months, it was happening all the time, it was just so sad, she didn't deserve to suffer like that.

"It was ... like an animal anger that he would ... he would belt her all over the body," she alleged.

"Damo", who was just 15 at the time, remembered a "super energetic" and "cheerful" Kirra who was often mixed up in hostile arguments with the partner.

He could still recall hearing a "really, really aggressive" confrontation at the house on that night.

"There was yelling (and) screaming ... it went on for about 15 minutes from what I could hear, and then it all went quiet," he told Mr Pultz.

"It would have been some time past 9.30 to 10 o'clock."

It was revealed earlier in the series that Kirra's partner, called "Jason" in the podcast, was in jail for other matters.

Beenham Valley Road is available on all leading streaming services.

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