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'I did it to discipline her': Man jailed for vicious attacks

AFTER pleading guilty to 11 charges, a Woorabinda man has been told his actions are not acceptable in a civilised society and cannot be tolerated.

Desmond Edward Raymond, 33, was being sentenced in Rockhampton District Court on Wednesday by Judge Michael Burnett, who condemned the the "cowardly, vicious and sustained attack, accompanied by the most unspeakable descriptions of your former partner".

At times, Raymond turned his back to face the wall. At other times he hung his head, but he appeared to listen intently to the court proceedings.

Raymond's charges included grievous bodily harm, common assault, assaulting police, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of a knife in public.

The two most serious offences happened in February this year when he assaulted his former partner.

The woman was at home gardening when Raymond approached her.

Crown prosecutor, Tiffany Lawrence told the court Raymond called her a "slut and a whore" and said "if I can't have you, no one can".

He then punched her in the head and torso "10 to 30 times" before she fell unconscious.

A CT scan showed a fractured right eye socket and extensive bruising and swelling.

In the second instance, just days later and while Raymond was on bail, the woman was having drinks with family when he arrived and again repeatedly punched her in the face.

Wednesday's convictions added to a six-page criminal history.

Ms Lawrence told the court Raymond was 25 years old when convicted in Woorabinda Magistrates Court for slapping a former partner while she was holding a six-month-old baby.

He told police he'd done it to discipline her and because she wouldn't sleep with him.

Defence barrister Marie Willey said Raymond recognised he had difficulties with alcohol and anger management, and couldn't recall the incidents as he had consumed large amounts of alcohol.

She said during eight months on remand he had completed a Positive Futures course in prison, which involved alcohol counselling, anger management and family values.

She said despite his criminal history he was a qualified plumber and had been mostly employed since leaving school.

In sentencing Raymond, Judge Burnett said the offending showed an escalation in his behaviour.

"Your criminal history dates back to when you were a teenager," he said.

"You have been subjected to just about every form of sentence the court can impose, including actual custody but ... you have not taken advantage of the leniency showed or been otherwise deterred.

"In many instances your offending involves alcohol.

"It's troubling that you see your position as enforcing some form of discipline on your partners."

Judge Burnett told Raymond he had the capacity to be a contributing member of society "if you can keep off the drink and deal with your anger" and issued a head sentence of three and a half years' in jail. He will be eligible for parole on April 23, 2019.

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