INJURED: Leanne Brooks was attacked during a car-jacking attempt in Rockhampton.
INJURED: Leanne Brooks was attacked during a car-jacking attempt in Rockhampton. Sharyn O'Neill ROK260716scar2

‘I thought I was going to die’

UPDATE 4:00PM: INVESTIGATIONS into the brutal attack on a Rockhampton woman who was the victim of a carjacking on Monday night are still ongoing.

Police confirmed no one had been charged or arrested in relation to the attack that left the woman with lacerations to her skull and face. 


EARLIER: LEANNE Brooks can't help but think her loved ones could have be planning her funeral today.

The Rockhampton woman spoke about her darkest fears as she relived the terrifying moment she was dragged from her car, chased down the street and beaten with a brick bolster.

Leanne, 48 was brutally car-jacked on Monday night, only minutes after pulling in to her Campbell St home.

"I noticed that I'd had a couple of messages (on my phone), so when I pulled up in my driveway I tended to the messages and so I sent that message at 6.50pm," she recalled yesterday.

"I turned my phone off, reached for my door and my door opened itself.

"And then I saw this woman standing in my doorway with something in her hand, like she was about to hit me with it.

"At that stage I thought it was an axe, because all I saw was the glistening metal at the top of it, in that shape and she said 'get out of the car'."

Leanne's attacker then dragged her out of the car by her arm and clothes.

As Leanne fled for her life down Campbell St toward the City Walk Motel on the corner of Williams St, her attacker realised she could not drive off with the car as Leanne had the keys.

The woman chased Leanne down and repeatedly beat her in the head with the brick bolster.

Leanne's cries for help were heard by a young man playing Pokemon Go near her home - as her house happens to be a Pokestop.

"I turned around and fought her off for a bit then I noticed there was a man on the corner and I yelled for him to help me and he yelled back he was calling the police," she said.

"Then more people came from the motel and she (the attacker) got frightened and ran off."

"And I noticed that the thing she was hitting me with, because it hit the ground, was a brick bolster - so it's a thing that you use to break a brick, so a fairly heavy metal object, so she obviously hit me quite a number of times."

A level-30 Pokemon Go player herself, Leanne praised the player who phoned for help as a "hero for what he has done" and thanked the police and ambulance for responding within minutes of his call.

Left with bleeding on the brain, four staples to the back of he head, seven staples to the front, six stitches in her face and plenty of bruising, Leanne's scars run deeper than her superficial cuts.

But the Rockhampton local said despite her trauma, she would not let this incident burden her future.

"I will be aware, but I won't be afraid," she said.

Leanne described her attacker as a 155-160cm white woman of medium build with mousey brown, very wavy hair and wearing a sweater with jeans and closed in shoes at the time of the attack.

"I didn't want to antagonise her so I just stayed calm (during the attack) and tried to get as much information, she said.

"I gave the police a really good description so that was the most important thing.

"To survive and make sure they knew what she looked like to go and get her," she added.

"We need to find this person."

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