GOOD NEWS: ICESUP founder Debbie Ware is “over the moon” to hear about the rehab centre service provider
GOOD NEWS: ICESUP founder Debbie Ware is “over the moon” to hear about the rehab centre service provider

‘I’m over the moon’: Rehab centre provider revealed

LIVES Lived Well has won the tender to deliver alcohol and other drug treatment services at Rockhampton's $14.3 million residential rehabilitation and day facility.

The news is a shining light of hope at the end of a three-year long tunnel of uniting families affected by drug use for ICESUP founder Debbie Ware.

ICESUP is a Capricorn Coast support group for the families of drug users - it has been a driving force behind establishing a residential rehabilitation in Central Queensland.

Debbie said the centre would make a significant difference to the lives of drug users and their families.

"I'm over the moon. I think Rockhampton is going to very fortunate," Ms Ware said.

Ms Ware became involved in the world of drugs when she discovered her child was using and she has been trying to help others ever since.

While her own child has recovered, she is excited for other families with loved ones who are still struggling with addiction.

"Having a centre here would've been a game changer and speaking to a lot of the families that come to our meetings it would've been a game changer for them too," she said.

Getting drug users to admit they needed help was hard enough without making them travel to a rehab centre but this facility would make it one step easier, Ms Ware said.

She said users trying to get clean by themselves often reverted back to using because local support wasn't available.

"I can pick half a dozen families who are really going to benefit next time a loved one raises their hand and says 'I'm going to give it a go'," she said.

While Ms Ware was proud of the "noise" the group ­generated calling for the centre, she said Keppel MP Brittany Lauga was the key to their success.

"If it wasn't for Brittany sitting in on our meetings and listening to us, I don't think we'd be any further than any years prior," she said.

Lives Lived Well provides support for people in Queensland and New South Wales who are being impacted by alcohol, drugs or have problems with mental health.

It manages more than 20 service hubs, including residential rehabilitation and withdrawal management.

Ms Lauga said Lives Lived Well was a respected and ­experienced organisation.

"Their appointment will ensure people affected by drugs and alcohol in CQ, who volunteer for the service, will receive the best possible care," Ms Lauga said.

"Individual rehabilitation and withdrawal services will be provided by Lives Lived Well at the residential facility and they will manage two family units to assist parents."

The service provider will establish the non-residential day program by mid-2020, prior to commencing the residential services.

"Lives Lived Well can now be involved in planning the entire suite of services, including being involved in engaging and consulting with the community," she said.

Lives Lived Well chief executive Mitchell Giles said the 42-bed rehabilitation facility would provide a vital service for CQ.

"With our support, people can gain insights into their substance use and develop tools to minimise harm, rebuild their lives and reduce the likelihood of relapse," he said.

The preferred location is the Music Bowl site but it is not confirmed. Construction remains on track to start in 2020, with the residential rehabilitation services scheduled to begin mid-2021.

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