STEPHANIE and Chris Lovell will vote for change at the next Rockhampton Regional Council election.

For too long the Gracemere couple's quality of life has been impacted by air, noise and visual pollution, all due, they claim due to the Gracemere industrial estate encroaching on residential areas.

Mr and Mrs Lovell were vocal in regards to the issue at the Team McMillan Division Four Community Forum at the Gracemere RSL yesterday and said they had had enough of broken promises from the current Rockhampton Council.

"The half-baked idea, which was the Gracemere industrial area, is the biggest issue," Mr Lovell said.

"Just look at the amount of heavy traffic coming back and forth on roads that just aren't built for them."

Mrs Lovell said the pair had lived in Gracemere for over 20 years, and despite raising the industrial area issue with council on various occasions, no improvement had been seen.

"Residents in the neighbouring areas are the ones that have suffered because the industrial area has spread into neighbouring areas," Mrs Lovell said.

"Nobody had any idea that it was going to happen and it has caused a lot of heartache, a lot of worry and a lot of upset. The industry is far too close with no boundary at all. ."

Mr and Mrs Lovell were confident if Division Four candidate Brett Wass won his seat at the 2016 election, improvements would be made.

"We are in support of industry, we need that, but it needs to be in its rightful place," Mrs Lovell said.

"We need people with a bit of backbone who are going to follow through with what they are saying."

Dozens of other residents from the Gracemere, Stanwell, Bouldercombe and Kabra area turned out to voice their support and concerns at the forum, which Mr Wass said was aimed to actively engage the community and give them an opportunity to let Team McMillan know what they think.

"What we have heard from the community is the disconnect between the council and the ratepayers and how difficult it is for people to deal with this council," Mr Wass said.

"The money has become Rocky-centric now and division four gets the scraps off the table instead of what a community of 12,000 should get."

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