Influx for new season

ROCKHAMPTON Basketball will be bouncing the new season off with a big bang, in line with the Junior Sign-On this weekend.

The club has gone under the knife since last season, and have come out with a new stadium that should be finished in the coming months.

Matt Neason, development officer of Rockhampton Basketball, is confident that they will have all of the facilities to cope with the influx of members they have and will be receiving.

“We are absolutely sure, there is no doubt,” he said.

“Our games will be played inside, which will be great for our members.”

He said the new stadium will be one of the best facilities in Queensland, if not all of Australia.

“It will also be accredited to hold international games, so if we wanted to hold an international tournaments later on, we could.”

But the stadium isn't the only face-lift.

Neason said the fees structure has also had major changes, which has made it both easier and cheaper for members.

“Our fees structure has made it easier, it is an upfront fee at the start of the season and that's it,” he said.

“It has significantly reduced the cost.”

Rockhampton Basketball is also proud that they have recently received the Small Association of the Year Award.

Neason said the award is a reflection on the developments they have made within the club.

“We have had such a strong ABA program for years and our Rockets and Cyclones have been recognised, but we had not received an award,” he said.

“It is good for us to be recognised.”

He said the award represents their referee development, coach development, their work in primary school clinics and the strength of their administration.

President of Rockhampton Basketball, Ian Weigh, said he was confident in the changes that have been made.

“It is very exciting, it is a month away from being operational.”

“We didn't want to open this new stadium, have an influx of people and then not have the processes and people in place.

“Things are going quite well and we are going to continue to build on that.”

The season will kick-start next week. For more details call Matt Neason on 4922 5544 or 0439 308 858.

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