Armed robber jailed for assault on prisoner at Capricornia

NOT even the confines of prison could stop Roy Alfred Michael Solomon from breaking the law.

The 24-year-old added another entry to his 11-page criminal history yesterday, after pleading guilty to assaulting a fellow inmate at the Capricornia Correctional Centre.

Solomon also pleaded guilty to an armed robbery.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Phillips said the defendant had already received the full range of sentencing options, none of which had deterred him.

"He is a small-time thug who has bounced from court room to court room," he said.

"He has zero chance of rehabilitation."

But Judge Paul Smith said there was "always light somewhere".

The court heard Solomon and a mate held up staff at Raffles Hotel in Rockhampton on November 11, 2012.

Mr Phillips said the defendant had two knives and was wearing a face mask. The pair stole about $1500 from the till before fleeing in a getaway car.

Then on May 1 this year, whilst serving time for another robbery offence, he was involved in an attack on a fellow prisoner.

The court heard Solomon and two of his prison buddies found out the victim was facing child exploitation charges.

Mr Phillips said this was the catalyst for the assault.

CCTV shows one of Solomon's co-offenders drag the victim from the common room into the exercise yard, where he is punched numerous times.

The court heard Solomon spent a month in solitary detention as a result.

Defence barrister Ross LoMonaco said his client had a problem with substance abuse, particularly ice.

He said at the time of the prison assault contact with his two children was limited and he was under a lot of stress. Judge Smith said the keys were now in Solomon's hands. "I do not think we should abandon all hope for someone like you," he said.

"If you want to, you can be a better person."

He sentenced Solomon to two years for the robbery and 18 months for the assault, taking into account time he has already served.

He will be eligible for parole on November 13 next year.

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