Man jailed over sex with teen

AN IPSWICH man has been jailed for having sex with a homeless girl after plying her with alcohol and drugs.

Raymond Joseph Mason pressured the vulnerable 14-year-old street kid into having sex with him three times.

Ipswich District Court heard Mason, 40, took the girl for a drive to his friend’s place and on the way back he asked if she “wanted to have sex with him”.

She replied “not really”, but Mason continued to ask until she eventually agreed.

Mason drove the girl to a secluded area where they had sex.

About a month later the girl called Mason because she wanted to buy $20 of cannabis, but could not get it from anywhere else.

Mason picked up the girl and her friend and gave them the drugs and alcohol.

Crown prosecutor Rachelle Logan said Mason seemed sexually interested in the girl’s friend and became angry when the complainant told him to leave her alone as it was “between the two of them”.

Mason told them: “So you want me to (expletive) drag you out in the bush in the middle of nowhere and bash you?”

He drove the girls to Fernvale and repeatedly asked for sex despite being continually rejected.

They smoked some cannabis and the girl eventually said “fine – just once”.

The girl made Mason stop after a few minutes, but he pressured her to have sex again that night.

Ms Logan said the girl thought Mason would assault them if she did not comply.

However, he was not charged with rape as prosecutors could not prove that Mason, who was also under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time, had not mistakenly believed the girl to have consented.

Mason pleaded guilty to three charges of carnal knowledge.

He was sentenced to three years jail and will be eligible for parole on June 24 next year.

Defence barrister Scott Lynch said his client was deeply traumatised after the death of several family members, had a dysfunctional upbringing and had psychological problems after his partner left him to bring up his five children seven years ago.

Mr Lynch said Mason, a truck driver, was of low intellect, but was the sole breadwinner for his family.

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