James Lindley is concerned about the wellbeing of a young homeless man in North Rockhampton.
James Lindley is concerned about the wellbeing of a young homeless man in North Rockhampton. Kat Jayne/Pexels

Is there anything I can do, or do I have to let him die?

By James Lindley, a concerned resident of Berserker, North Rockhampton.

I DO not know who else I should ask for advice, because it seems that if a person does not ask for help then "he must not want help".

My question is, "Should I concern myself about an unfortunate (I believe) person who 'obviously to me' has a mental problem, and is sleeping on a church porch each night, and the only property he has, he carries as hand luggage"?

To assist you in answering my question, I supply the following details.

The young man is about 25 years, well built and could be good looking if he cleaned himself up.

He is extremely dirty and I do not believe he has bathed, or changed his clothes, in the past two months that I have been aware of him.

He has loud verbal fights with himself, or with an imaginary person whenever he abandons his church porch bed each morning and usually as he returns in the evening.

At the present time, I believe that the person might be more of a danger to himself than to people in the area.

Two months ago when I first noticed him, I thought he might have been drunk, but he walks in a steady manner; he does not appear to be affected by alcohol, except for his yelling.

Quite often, if I drive up Musgrave St during the day, I see him sleeping on the footpath opposite the Northside Plaza.

His loud verbal fights/discussions with himself are mostly obscene words that would have resulted in a jail term some years ago, but seem to be acceptable to the less-educated and uncouth people in today's society.

I spoke to a person in authority at the church where he sleeps and that person was aware that the young man sleeps on the porch, but it was none of his business because the young man was not doing any harm or damage.

In an effort to obtain help for the young person, I have contacted the (authorities) on two occasions and explained that he was not a problem to me, and that I was concerned about his health;, both mental and physical.

Either the (authorities) are not concerned because he is not breaking a law or they are not concerned about a young person that (I believe) needs help and support.

The two occasions (I am aware of) that the police have spoken to the young man, they have left him to sleep on the church porch.

There are a number of societies in Rockhampton that are often begging for money, food and clothing for the "unfortunate" people.

Here is an unfortunate person and no one, I reiterate, no one, appears to care about.

Are the "Do Gooders" in our societies lying humbugs that care about nothing but receiving their salary each week, or is there someone who does care and will help?

Certainly these societies are not Christian societies, even though some claim to be Christian societies.

I do not have the authority to take the young man for a mental examination and even if I did, from past experience, (once) the authorities at the mental hospital are more concerned with the "rights" of the person than the state of their mental health.

Now the question I ask, is there anything that I can do to assist this young man with his mental problems, or do I have to let him die.


James Lindley


North Rockhampton

The Morning Bulletin has approached the CQ Hospital and Health Service and Rockhampton MP Barry O'Rourke for comment.

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