Itchy skin linked to salty water

IS ITCHY skin driving you mad?

You might have sensitive skin that is reacting to the higher than normal salinity levels in Rockhampton's water supply.

But it's not all doom and gloom as there are treatments available to help ease the itchiness, and other skin ailments.

And it's not just Rockhampton's water supply that is causing damage to skin, with reports of women working in Gladstone for a week at a time coming back with skin issues.

Northside Plaza Medical Centre's Dr Joan Chamberlain said the increase in salinity does make the skin itchy, increase dandruff issues, and irritate and increase problems with eczema and dermatitis, for those with sensitive skin.

"Salt dries out the skin," she said. "Those with sensitive skin have to be careful."

Dr Chamberlain said those who required a low salt intake in their diet, such as people who were severely hypertensive, diabetic or renal dialysis patients, also needed to be careful.

"But for most people the increase salt isn't a medical problem," she said.

"Most people put more salt on their chips than what they would consume through the water."

Christine McAllister, co-owner of Christine's Beauty and Laser Clinic with daughter Jade, says people with these skin issues should avoid products that have harsh alcohol and stripping acids.

"As a result of increased salinity levels in the water, our skin's first line of defence, 'the acid mantle' which is designed to protect and defend the surface of the skin, is being compromised," she said. "Due then to the skin's immune system being compromised, we are seeing skin conditions including rashes, abnormal breakouts, eczema and dermatitis, in skins that are usually otherwise healthy.

"We are particularly seeing a lot more girls that have been working in Gladstone for a week at a time... they do get a bit better when they come back.

"In a lot of cases we've got clients trying to exfoliate more often, thinking it will help. They actually need to go back a little bit and calm the skin down."

Mrs McAllister said low-level laser therapy, available at her East St business, would help to strengthen the skin's immune system and increase growth factors.

She also recommended Caroline's Cream, which is an all natural product that helps the skin recover and recuperate from the symptoms and damage associated with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.


Don't exfoliate too much

Use Ph balanced products

Avoid harsh soaps and caustic soda which can irritate and strip the skin

Avoid fragrances and colourants where possible

Try not to scratch itch spots

Double check to see if your products at home are irritating your skin

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