A 38-year-old pleaded with the court to be given parole for the sake of his children.
A 38-year-old pleaded with the court to be given parole for the sake of his children. Peter Holt

Jail-bound dad's desperate plea to save his children

UNDER threat of jail, a father of three has made a last-ditch effort to keep his family together.

With a "terrible" criminal history and little hope of freedom, the 38-year-old man asked to be let out on parole to make sure the "imminent" removal and separation of his children didn't go ahead.

A "volatile" relationship resulted in him leaving his three children in Mackay and move to the Gold Coast.

The children, all aged under five, are currently with another family member but the father, who we have not named to protect the identity of the family, was told their removal and separation was "imminent".

The man appeared before Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday facing multiple charges, including eight counts of breaches of a domestic violence order and one count of driving with a disqualified licence.

While Magistrate Damien Dwyer said the defendant would most likely spend time in prison, it was his previous criminal history which would be a deciding factor.

"In respect to the disqualified driving, I've had a quick look at his history and he's got 13 previous convictions," MrDwyer said.

"He has a terrible criminal history," defence barrister Phillip Moore replied.

"I accept his history your honour, but there's been a gap.

"He has shown through his previous parole that he complied with that and he can perform on parole.

"All he wants is his children not to lose each other as well as their parents.

"I'm asking ultimately for immediate parole."

Mr Moore told the court there was a "bit of a narrative" as to why the defendant had fallen back into criminality after two years.

In 2014, the father moved to the Gold Coast after ending his relationship with the complainant.

While he was in South East Queensland he was visited by the complainant who wanted to talk about "getting back together".

"It was at that time he became concerned about the way she was and perhaps she was using drugs again," Mr Moore told the court.

On September 1, 2016, the defendant had a video call with his children who were still in Mackay and became concerned about the youngest, who was less than one-year-old.

After the video call he contacted the Department of Child Services with some concerns, quit his job and returned to Mackay.

The court was told when the defendant saw his youngest child, the baby was incoherent and unresponsive.

"He took him to Mackay Base Hospital where the child was put into an induced coma," Mr Moore told the court.

"He went with the child to Townsville where the child was in intensive care for six days."

It was at that point DOCS contacted the father and explained the children would be removed from the care of both himself and the mother.

Mr Moore told the court it was this news which sent the defendant into "a bit of a spin" last year.

Since his arrest in December, Mr Moore told the court the defendant had engaged in efforts to get his children back, which is why he was requesting parole.

"(DOCS) contacted him recently in custody and asked how does he feel about the children being separated because that appears imminent," Mr Moore told the court.

"That is his great fear your honour and that is his catalyst for rehabilitation."

Mr Dwyer said the defendant would be going to prison for at least a year and wouldn't receive immediate parole.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the breaches of domestic violence and driving while disqualified charges.

He will be sentenced on February 16.

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