Daniel Morcombe
Daniel Morcombe

False Daniel confession made Morcombes' skin crawl

UPDATE: LISTENING to a convicted sex offender falsely describe how Daniel Morcombe was sexually assaulted, strangled and then dumped in the Brisbane River made the Morcombe family's "skin crawl".

Bruce Morcombe said now knowing the man who put them through that horrific Thursday during the coronial inquest into their 13-year-old son's disappearance would not be released until November 29, 2016, was satisfying.

He said four years jail, which will be tacked onto the end of the man's jail sentence for other sexual offending, seemed suitable for the "appalling behaviour".

"It as disgraceful behaviour that anybody would lie about their knowledge of what happened to Daniel for their own personal gain, in this fellow's case, a vendetta," he said.

"To feed police that information in the criminal world is probably par for the course but to frustrate and upset the family is appalling behaviour.

"It made all of our family's skin crawl to see the low depths this person would go to.

"We appreciate the enormous efforts of police in trying to find Daniel and people like this have just been a massive distraction that have clouded the waters to some degree.

"The police had to follow it no matter how obscure this was.

"Some of the points they identified could not be elimiteated entirely from the investigation, even though it was fairly far-fetched, because of the passage of time."

Mr Morcombe said he could clearly recall reading through the police brief relating to this person of interest in the lead up to the coronial inquest.

He said, as a father, he could "vividly remember" placing himself in Daniel's shoes as he read the detail about Daniel being bound and assaulted.

"The information contained regarding what he had alleged to police, you couldn't help but wonder is it true or not," he said.

Police could not fully eliminate the story because there had been a fire through the Greenbank reserve, destroying the shed where the man falsely alleged Daniel was molested.

The man's house also had burned down which meant evidence to fully examine or disprove the story had been destroyed.

Jail for falsely confessing to Daniel Morcombe's murder

A CONVICTED child sex offender has been jailed for four years for falsely confessing his involvement in Daniel Morcombe's murder as revenge against his adopted father.

The 41-year-old told a coronial inquest into the Sunshine Coast then missing teen's demise in Brisbane that he had been involved in planning the abduction, watched his adoptive father sexually assault Daniel at Greenbank military barracks and then dump his body in the Brisbane River.

He initially tried to implicate the older man, who he had been in a sexual relationship with from age 15 to 32 after allegedly being "groomed" as a street kid in Victoria, in 2004 just after Daniel went missing.

Police investigated his claims and dismissed them.

But the man came forward again in 2008 where he gave police a version where he also was involved in Daniel's murder.

This time he assimilated known details about Daniel's disappearance into the story to make it more credible.

Police divers were sent out to search the Brisbane River near Pinkenba.

The man then gave evidence of his story under oath in the Brisbane Coroner's Court.

He pleaded guilty to perjury to procure life imprisonment against his adoptive father after committal proceedings last year.

Crown prosecutor Glen Cash told Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday that the motivation behind the false account was most likely revenge or retribution.

He said the man's adopted father had alerted police to child pornography possession which resulted in a 10-year jail sentence for those and other child sex offences.

Mr Cash said the accused man also claimed his adopted father had sexually abused him but no charges were ever laid.

He said the motivation made little difference to the seriousness of the perjury.

"In either case the defendant has sought to pervert the workings of the legal system for the purposes of revenge," he said.

Daniel Morcombe's remains were found at the Glasshouse Mountains in August and September, 2011.

Brett Peter Cowan has been since charged with Daniel's murder and abduction and is awaiting trial Defence barrister Joshua Jones said his client had a tragic upbringing marred by sexual abuse.

He said his client's "bizarre" account in nominating his own involvement in Daniel's murder was never taken seriously.

Justice Debra Mullins said he had undermined the integrity of the Queensland justice system.

Justice Mullins said he had also wasted police resources and affected other people through his false testimony.

She said it was important to deter others from committing the same offence in the future.

The sentence is cumulative on top of his other offences because he was serving them when he committed the perjury.

He will be eligible for parole on November 29, 2016.

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