Jail term for sly grog

KENNETH James Brown's love of a drink - well, specifically eight casks of wine, 68 cans of beer and three bottles of bourbon - has landed him a stint behind bars.

Brown, 32, yesterday pleaded guilty to smuggling alcohol into the dry community of Woorabinda, 170km west of Rockhampton, as well as other drink driving and animal cruelty offences.

Brown smuggled booze into the Aboriginal community on seven different occassions between November and June this year and Magistrate Tom Bradshaw jailed him for one month each time.

This punishment will be served concurrently with a 15-month sentence Brown was handed for driving with a disqualified licence.

He was caught driving while disqualified a number of times as well as drink driving with a blood-alcohol content almost four times the legal limit.

On March 19, police went to a Rankin Street address at Woorabinda where they were told there had been a disturbance.

While they were there they saw Brown pick up a male dog named Snowy, hold it around the neck with his hands and throw it at the ground before punching the dog in the head.

The dog howled and ran away.

Brown picked it up again, held it again around the throat and threw it into a fence before kicking it in the stomach.

When police spoke to him about it Brown said the dog had bitten his partner. He pleaded guilty yesterday to animal cruelty.

Defence lawyer Peter Sorensen told the court Brown had a problem with alcohol.

Magistrate Bradshaw said to Brown, “It's fairly obvious you don't worry too much about what happens to you when you come to court.”

He set a parole release date of February 14, 2010.

Brown is also disqualified from holding a driver's licence for another five years.

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