James McAvoy is obsessed with 50s chairs

JAMES McAvoy has a "weird love" of vintage chairs.

The 'Victor Frankenstein' star has become a collector of seats from the 1950s and admits his appreciation of the fine furniture is becoming a slight obsession.

In an interview with ShortList magazine, he said: "I have a weird love for - and I'm starting to say I could be a collector of - 50s chairs ... I'm constantly on the lookout."

McAvoy already owns 18 chairs and he is slowly filling up the house he shares with wife, actress Anne-Marie Duff, with more antiques.

He revealed: "I have at least 18. There's one in nearly every room in my house."

As he gets older McAvoy is getting more obsessed with certain things, and he recently admitted he's become fascinated with death.

He said: "Recently I have been thinking more about death. Perhaps it's because I'm 36 and I might be halfway through my life. It's not all that unusual for a guy to die before he's 70."

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