FOR 50 years Jan Richards has been defying those who said she couldn't realise her dreams.

The 65-year-old hairdresser is still handy with a comb and scissors after working half a decade in the industry.

At 15, when she first told her high school teacher of her intended career path, the response was far from supportive.

"I said I would like to be a hairdresser. And the teacher said, 'No you will not be very good... you can't do maths'," she said.

"With that I thought, yes I am. And I am still doing it, I'm still hairdressing."

That wasn't the only time she defied the odds.After her husband at the time wasn't keen to open his own butcher shop, she took it upon herself to be the family entrepreneur.

"He was not really very happy about that... I just said well I am going to do something with my life," she said.

"There was a salon right up the street so I bought that and away I went."

She owned the shop for more than three years.

Jan said that after working in 11 salons and three nursing homes, she still had no plans to give up the trade.

She currently works two days a week at Benevolent Aged Care accompanied by her daughter Karen, who followed in her mother's hairdressing footsteps.

The duo has worked together there for the past eight years, truly making it a family business.

Jan said she enjoyed many aspects of her 50-year career.

"My life is awesome... here I am still going and I have absolutely loved every moment of it," she said.

"I still wish I could have been a singer, but I just love it."

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