Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes gives his all at the Coffs Harbour concert.
Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes gives his all at the Coffs Harbour concert. Rob Wright

Jimmy Barnes is in the house

HERE'S our latest batch of links, featuring Jimmy Barnes' new house track, a collaboration between Skrillex and The Doors, newbies from Santigold and MNDR and some amazing Animal Collective time lapse photography action.

1. Of all the musical directions you can imagine Jimmy Barnes taking, I'm guessing this wasn't one of them. The 55-year-old Aussie pub rocker has recorded a house version of Sun in Cuba with DJ Yaleidys- and taken a starring role in the camp=tastic video. Expect the dubstep version to drop soon. (

2. Here's another unusual collaboration that shouldn't work and probably doesn't: Grubby dubstepper Skrillex and the remaining members of The Doors. Breakin' A Sweat was recorded for a new doco called Re:Generation about DJs reinterpreting different genres of music and I guess the rib-rattling bass and squelches of dubstep just hit home for the ageing Doors dudes. We all know what Jim Morrison is thinking right now. (NME)

3. Santigold has finally unveiled a new track, called Big Mouth, four long years after her debut created waves. Thankfully the video - featuring animated tigers and mermaids - is a lot more interesting than the Major Lazer-infused low-fi track. Where's MIA when you need her? (Pitchfork)

4. Here's a super-cool nine-minute clip of condensed footage of Animal Collective making their 2007 album Strawberry Jam. That is a very small music studio. The BO must have been terrible. (Pitchfork)

5. Here's the new trailer for The Grey, which proves Liam Neeson isn't taking up a stand-up comedy career like he promised in Life's Too Short. Instead, he's as intense as always in this snowy thriller from director Joe Carnahan. (Apple)

6. Meet the new cast of Survivor: One World, the new season of the reality show that we'll be interview all through February, March and April. Whoever put the photos up obviously got bored with the male tribe. (

7. Here's the beaut new track #1 in Heaven from Q-Tip's favourite singer MNDR. She's kind of like Ladyhawke without the guitars and more synths. (Guardian.

8. "I think you're beautiful, smart and charming. It's a good trifecta you were blessed with." That is from an actual email from an actual guy who actually sent way too many emails to a girl who just was not into him. Read the emails here. (Gawker)

9. Wondering whatever happened to Christian Slater? That question sure keeps me up at night, and look, here he is, popping up in the found footage thriller Playback. It sorta looks like The Ring crossed with American Horror Story, only a little more gory. (Apple)

10. Here's more proof that Kate Beckinsale is one of the coolest chicks on the planet. The Underwold actress put a dildo in her mum's carry-on luggage as a prank. Explain that one to the airport officials, mum. (Fark)

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