Joni Mitchell: Hospitalised singer's condition improving

JONI Mitchell's condition is believed to be improving after the singer was hospitalised earlier this week.

Mitchell, whose real name is Roberta Joan Anderson, was found unconscious in her home in LA on Tuesday. Statements released on her website said the singer regained consciousness in the ambulance and was being treated in intensive care.

It did not comment on what the 71-year-old was being treated for.

A statement released on Friday said Mitchell was under observation in hospital, where she is "resting comfortably".

"We are encouraged by her progress and she continues to improve and get stronger each day," it said.

The eight-time Grammy-winning musician is probably best known for her 1970s hit 'Big Yellow Taxi' from her album, Ladies of the Canyon.

Mitchell has in the past said she is prevented from performing by a condition known as Morgellons disease, which causes sufferers to experience biting and stinging sensations under the skin.

The condition is controversial because many doctors believe the symptoms are caused by a psychiatric disorder.