Judge allows time to prepare a case

A WOMAN diagnosed with terminal cancer hopes to live to clear her name in court.

Jeni Lee is appealing a decision made in the Rockhampton District Court on May 23 against Indigenous Housing Services CQ, which she has been chief executive of since February 2009.

The appeal was set to be heard on November 7 in court, with Ms Lee's recently appointed legal representative, Cam Schroder, requesting the matter be adjourned.

He had only been engaged two weeks prior for the case and given a file full of documents during a 30-40-minute meeting with Ms Lee.

The Mount Morgan Aboriginal Corporation (MMAC) sued IHSCQ for unpaid rent and the court ordered IHSCQ pay $290,000 on May 23.

Barrister Maree Willey, representing the MMAC, argued Ms Lee had ample time to seek legal advice since lodging the appeal on June 14 and the matter should go ahead that day.

Mr Schroder said he had not been in contact with Ms Lee since that day, except for a phone call on Monday morning.

"After the appointment, she drove down to Sydney for her treatment," he told the court. "Her life expectancy is a number of months."

The Morning Bulletin reported on June 14 that Ms Lee had been battling a very rare and aggressive form of cancer with treatment in Sydney and Brisbane since March, enduring three operations including having her nose removed.

She was set to return to Sydney after lodging the appeal on June 14 where surgeons were going to attempt to give her an artificial nose.

Ms Lee told the Bulletin then that she vowed to fight to clear the good name of the organisation which was set up by the Federal Government to assist community housing organisations that were in trouble.

The court heard on Monday that Mr Schroder believed all other directors of the company, according the documents, had resigned or proposed to resign. MMAC claims it is owed money for rent paid on up to nine properties it owns in Mount Morgan.

Judge Gregory Koppenol ordered the case be adjourned until December 15 to allow Mr Schroder time to prepare and receive instruction from Ms Lee.

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