LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Courts 'out of touch' on bikies

AFTER waiting for the government, especially the new police minister, to offer their support for the police who put their bodies and maybe their lives on the line in the bikie brawl on the Gold Coast, it looks like it's not going to happen so I would like the officers to know that the people of Queensland have nothing but admiration and appreciation for their courage and sense of duty.

How our judges can treat this as a minor incident when some of our officers who were so outnumbered and in fear of their safety that they were on the verge of drawing their firearms as they were under siege in their own police station is beyond all logic.

This shows how out of touch they are with public sentiment.

While no one could blame our police officers if they feel "it's just not worth it" after the way they have been so shabbily treated, I want them to know the general public has nothing but admiration for them and see them as the frontline between us and anarchy.

While this government has stated they are committed to repealing the anti-bikie laws, I would remind them they cannot count on a protest vote to get them over the line at the next election and they will be in opposition for a very long time.

Col Goltz

Emu Park

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