EVOLVING SOUND: Brisbane’s Darkc3ll will perform in Rockhampton on October 3.
EVOLVING SOUND: Brisbane’s Darkc3ll will perform in Rockhampton on October 3. Httpwwwfarskiphotographycomau

‘Juggernaut’ ready to rock Rockhampton next month

FROM touring the nation as part of the prestigious Soundwave Festival 2014 earlier in the year, Brisbane's Darkc3ll have gone from strength to strength.

The four-piece industrial rock juggernaut have built a reputation as one of Australia's fastest rising acts, and have been tagged as a "modern day KISS".

Set to play at Rockhampton's O'Dowd's Irish Pub on Friday, October 3, Pulse caught up with frontman Jesse Dracman before their upcoming gig to tell us about their journey so far.

Congratulations on all of the success you've had so far, and the release of your new single, how are you guys feeling about it all?

JD: Pleasure to chat. It's a good time for us. The hard work and sacrifices to date have paid off for us, with the ability to push forward as a band respected in the industry and the new single is just a brief taste of what's to come with a new album in the works.

How would you describe your sound?

JD: We hate to pigeon hole ourselves, but I can assure you our sound is exciting. But for those not familiar, I would describe Darkc3ll's sound as an industrial rock fusion of stadium level anthems and more hooks than a Hellraiser movie with grooves to shake your soul. People compare us to Manson, Zombie, Wednesday 13, and that's fine by us, as they are our inspirations and we've even been tour buddies with Wednesday 13, so that's cool. We've often been told we make hate sound fun.

What's the vibe of your latest single? How would you say you've grown musically and as a band from the last two albums?

JD: Hollywood Scars is a step up for us with a straight up abrasive rock tune with all our hooks and groove that we have gained a reputation for delivering. This song for us was written from our time on the road, touring the Dark Verses album. We have seen so much, and for me seeing the underbelly of society and all its plastic offerings of wannabe rock stars and people without a clue in general, yet will get all hipster, because they want to fit in, rather than be their own persona. The song is feel good, smack in the face of fake society, and we're pretty damn excited with the response so far. I feel we grow with every song we write, and I am excited for what's to come ...

What's a day in the life for the guys in Darkc3ll?

JD: Surviving, keeping sane, laughter, creativity, random in-band jokes are a constant, and we're together on the road, that's usually when all hell breaks loose in a no-holds barred style of witty banter, power snoring and the sounds of pop music running wild.

This is your longest tour so far that you're embarking on, how would you describe your live shows?

JD: Never a dull moment. We pride ourselves on delivering the kind of show we'd pay good money to see and it's a show that our audience knows they are a part of and we have a great party onstage. It's a one of a kind in this country, and we feed off each other and the energy of our fans.

What can Rockhampton fans expect? Have you played in Rockhampton before?

JD: Something special that Rockhampton has never had before. Their cherry will pop and life in Rocky will be a little more exciting when Darkc3ll hits the town.

What would you say is the meaning behind your on stage outfits/costumes?

JD: We never set out initially to wear outfits and make-up, even though we have a Goth/horror background. It was, and always will be, the music first and foremost. Write good songs, and the show will gain life on its own. Many bands forget that, and dive into image and all the fancy packaging, but the content is a let-down. You don't get that with us, as we did the reverse. We utilize our image like an extension of who we are, and all inhibitions are left backstage, once we hit the stage.

You've played Soundwave, how would you describe the experience of playing to such a broad range of metal-lovers?

JD: It's a truly surreal moment and one that any Aussie band dreams of these days. For us, we had built a strong work ethic to gain the opportunity, and got to play five great shows all over Oz. The fact that there were huge crowds waiting for us in every state was amazing.


WHAT: Brisbane's Darkc3ll Hollywood Scars Tour w/ Thanartist & Frankenstain

WHERE: O'Dowd's Irish Pub, Rockhampton

WHEN: Friday, October 3, 8pm.


(Playing Gladstone, Oct 4)

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