Jury acquits in Stanley murder trial

STANLEY Stanley Junior was yesterday found not guilty of the murder or manslaughter of Alan Robert Mitchell in 2013.

The jury delivered its verdict in the Supreme Court at Rockhampton just before 4pm.

Before they retired, the jury was told the allegation that Stanley stomped on the victim's head was crucial to their verdict.

It had been alleged Stanley stomped on Mr Mitchell's head as he lay unconscious on the floor of a friend's Koongal home in April 2013.

Mr Mitchell later died of brain injuries in hospital.

On the first day of the trial, the court heard the victim allegedly punched Stanley twice in the chest before Stanley punched Mr Mitchell two to three times.

One witness told the court he saw Stanley stomping on Mr Mitchell's head.

But medical evidence given during the trail said the most likely cause of death was the two punches.

In summing up the case to the jury, Justice Duncan McMeekin said the question of whether the alleged stomping occurred was relevant to whether Stanley intended to kill Mr Mitchell.

Stanley had been held in custody for the two-and-a-half years since he was charged with manslaughter in April 2013, a charge which was upgraded to murder in November that year.

At the start of October, Stanley slammed this extended custody as "unfair" during a mention in the Supreme Court at Rockhampton.

"All year I have asked for the case to be moved to Brisbane court because it's bias because I'm very well known in Rockhampton," he said at the mention.

"I believe the stage of events is to prolong my incarceration and I believe I have had an unfair hearing."

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