Illegal parking ignites feud

Dominic Doblo disputes he was parked in a loading zone for more than half an hour earlier this week.
Dominic Doblo disputes he was parked in a loading zone for more than half an hour earlier this week. Chris Ison

ROCKHAMPTON mayoral candidate Dominic Doblo yesterday rejected a claim he parked for more than half an hour in a CBD loading zone earlier this week.

Mr Doblo said he parked for about 15 minutes in the zone, near the corner of East and William Sts, while picking up a load of rubbish from a nearby business.

His rejection came after Member for Rockhampton Robert Schwarten said he and staff members observed Mr Doblo's utility there for more than half an hour with no sign of the mayoral hopeful.

A picture was taken.

"I had to pick up some rubbish," Mr Doblo said.

"I've got the big sign on the utility.

"If I wanted people to see it I would park it in an area where everyone goes."

Mr Doblo said CBD parking should be used by customers shopping at nearby businesses.

Mr Schwarten said he didn't believe Mr Doblo had acted lawfully, claiming he stayed longer than the few minutes allowed.

"This is a poor look for a mayoral candidate," Mr Schwarten said.

"I didn't see hide or hair of him for more than half an hour."

He said election signs were legitimate promotional opportunities for politicians.

Mr Schwarten said his comments were not part of a political campaign against Mr Doblo as he did not intend being active in the mayoral race.

Mr Doblo said the Schwarten and Doblo families had a long history of opposing views, spanning more than 35 years.

He said while his family were big fans of Joh Bjelke-Petersen and Rex Pilbeam, the Schwartens had always supported their opponents.

He referred The Bulletin to a recent conciliatory letter from Mr Schwarten that he has posted on his election campaign website,

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