Katter man sees sign of dirty work

Luke Hargreaves says there are dirty tricks involved as the campaign hots up in Keppel
Luke Hargreaves says there are dirty tricks involved as the campaign hots up in Keppel Sharyn Oneill Rokssign

POLITICAL hopeful Luke Hargreaves says he's the victim of a dirty-tricks campaign.

Mr Hargreaves, Katter's Australian Party's candidate for Keppel, has spoken out after nearly 20 of his roadside campaign signs have disappeared, presumed stolen.

And he's pointing the finger at supporters of the LNP.

"Obviously some people see Katter's Australian Party as a real threat," he said.

"The signs have mostly been knocked off in rural areas, suggesting the LNP has some overreaching supporters.

"This is no surprise as they have ripped off a lot of the Australian Party policies including our Royalties to Regions, Payroll Tax reduction and saying no to fly-in, fly-our foreign workers stealing our jobs."

He was busy putting up more signs yesterday and said he would be replacing those that had gone missing on Farnborough Rd, Tanby Rd, the Yeppoon to Rockhampton road and out towards Byfield.

"I've put up about 80 so far and still have 120 left. It's important to get your message out there."

LNP candidate Bruce Young refused to comment on the allegation that his supporters had been involved in sabotaging Mr Hargreaves' campaign.

He said he hated negativity and did not want to be dragged into a slanging match.

But he did confirm that members of his campaign were out at the weekend removing his own signs from trees.

The Department of Main Roads ordered that all signs attached to roadside trees had to be taken down or the candidates would be charged for the cost of removing them.

"It's OK for all the other candidates to follow the rules, but Mr Young seems above them. I hope this is not a sign for the future," said Mr Hargreaves.

"Candidates can use road reserves, but the signs must be attached to stakes, not trees."

Meanwhile in Gladstone, candidates have complained that their signs have been vandalised.

A number of the signs had been defaced with moustaches, horns, eyebrows and male genitalia, they said.

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